Looking great at 66…


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Rosemary Conley

Rosemary Conley looking gorgeous at 66

In today’s express there’s a great article about Rosemary Conley looking absolutely stunning at 66. Proving that with a combination of a good diet and exercise you can look amazing and feel fit at any age.

it is 41 years since Rosemary launched her first diet club and in that time she has produced 34 books and 30 DVD’ s. Her hip and thigh diet first published in 1988 has sold over 2 million copies, and she still remains the figurehead of a multi million pound weight loss empire.

Her business is her passion, “Honestly I’ ‘ll work until I’m ninety” she insists. She loves the feeling of changing people’s lives with her diet and fitness routines

She credits her currently svelte figure to appearing in last year’s dancing on ice “Skating is tough but fantastic for shaping you bum” she says.

she puts her business success to never taking no for an answer. always writing down your goals and seeing them through and never giving up on your dreams.

Her new book the FAB diet has just been released. Rosemary insists that the diet is not just for women, men follow the diet and gain the same results.

Rosemary’ s tested tips…

Always use a good quality non stick pan and dry fry mince.

Use soy sauce and vinegar, instead of oil and supplement Greek yoghurt instead of double cream.

Exercise doesn’t have to mean going to the gym at 6am doing small things such as parking your car a little further away and walking that extra bit can make such a big difference.

set yourself daily fitness challenges, Rosemary suggests taking two 15 minute  brisk walks every day.

40 minutes of brisk household chores.e.g. washing the car, housework or gardening.

stick to eating just three small meals a day. (Fantastic advice)

Keep a before and after photograph of yourself handy as a reminder of how far you have come.

take the clothes that are too big for you to the charity shop. (But keep your largest garment as a reminder of your success)

Love & light

Andy x

blog inspired by an article in the Daily Express 26/12/2012 & of course the continued success of Rosemary Conley.


Books for trainee hypnotist’ s…


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The Art of Hypnosis

The Art of Hypnosis

The art of Hypnosis,

mastering basic techniques By C Roy Hunter MS, Cht

CrownHouse Publishing

available in both paper back and on Amazon kindle.

Before I start I’d just like to say that you can learn the basics of hypnosis and hypnotherapy from a book but no amount studying text books can give you the information and knowledge, not to mention practical experience you get from studying with a professional hypnotherapy practitioner/trainer.

There are a few questions that I occasionally get asked by people with an interest in all thing hypnotic. And that’s what’s the best books to read.

To learn from I know I’ve been there I started with Paul McKenna and moved on from there. I’ve spent far more money than I could afford and far too much time trawling through some mediocre titles.

So the first one I’d like to recommend is the art of hypnosis by C Roy Hunter” At 218 pages this isn’t a huge book, but it is full of some really excellent information.

For me I found this the ideal beginners book it start off with a resume of his work and the work of his teacher the late Charles Tebbits.

Starting suitably with a chapter on what hypnosis is and why we use it. then he takes you through a brief history of the hypnotic art before moving on to suggestibility test’ s I think hypnotherapist’s in America call them convincers.

This gives us a brief idea of the variety of suggestibility test’s guiding you through the type of pre talk to give your client to a few tests you can use. he then takes you through the process of waking up your client.

There is no great mystery to this but it does help if you know how to wake somebody from their hypnotic wonderland, before you send them there. it save’s you having to flick backwards and forwards through the book.

Mainly for your sanity, your client is quite happy, sitting there comfortably hypnotized, in their own little world.

But if you have to start finding pages or like me use post it notes to mark the pages, which have a wonderful habit of disappearing at the most inopportune moments.

Then he takes you through a number of inductions from the Hollywood favourite eye fixation induction, we all recognise it the suited hypnotist with his pocket watch or staring in to the eyes of his poor unsuspecting victim while his victim agrees to what ever the all-knowing hypnotist demands.

Fun idea but total Hollywood. a rapid induction which is interesting and a progressive relaxation induction. Which will be the one that you use most of the time if you have any plans of becoming a professional hypnotherapist.

Mr Tebbits takes you through the deepening . process and brief notes about the various levels of the hypnotic state as well as the signs to recognise whether your client is in hypnosis e.g. softening of the facial features, swallowing, altered breathing.

And then a brief chapter on in hypnosis testing, opinions vary on in hypnosis testing such as eye catelepsy, arm levitation and quite a useful hand clasp test. it is quite good for stage hypnotists but in a clinical setting I tend not to use them.

But they can be fun on friends over a few drinks.

Before moving on to a section about therapeutic suggestions and how to frame them most effectively.

The book concludes with brief chapters on ethics and self hypnosis.

Before wrapping up with a chapter from the next volume in the series the art of hypnotherapy.

The art of hypnosis is a fantastic book packed with some great information from a beginners level Mr hunters deep respect for his teacher Charles Tebbits shines through in every page as does his experience as a hypnotherapy practitioner/teacher.

it’s an excellent book and if you have a interest in hypnosis then this is definitely a wonderful starting point it is the first of three books in the series, which Mr Hunter uses as his course syllabus for his hypnotherapy training. you can learn quite a lot from these books but they cannot replace training from a reputable certified trainer. Love & light

Andy x

Do you have a favourite hypnotherapy book you’d like to recommend.

I’d love to know what it is?



Daily Inspiration ~ December 25th

Beautiful x

Global Light Minds ~ Daily Inspirations

Red lotus
ღღLotus ღღ

‎As a lotus flower is born in water, grows in water and rises out of water. To stand above it unsoiled, so I,born in the world,raised in the word Having overcome the word,live unsoiled by the world.

  ~ Buddha ~


Kao sto je lotosov cvet ,rodjen u vodi ,raste u vodi i dize se iz vode ne isprljan ,tako smo i mi rodjeni u svetu reci. Posto prevazidjemo reci,zivimo neuprljani od sveta”

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Feel Holiday Abundance to Get the Body You Want


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Feel Holiday Abundance to Get the Body You Want.

fantastic blog for the festive season, we should all take a few moment to think of the things in life that make us rich. it may not necessarily be money it could be friends, family anything. just the thing in life we maybe take for granted because they are abundant.

LOVE & light

Andy x

Merry Christmas, one and all.

So after the anti-climax of the end of the world.

The only post I could write would be a backwards look at the last year in letters.

And it has been a hell of a year, from the Queens golden jubilee to the London Olympics with the news that England’s first family are expecting the patter of infant feet on the thick shag pile of buckingham palace.

Its been one he’ll of a year but there isn’t really reason to look-back.

Life’s all about looking forward, so on that note before I sign off I just want to say one hugely important thing.

I just want to wish all my wonderful readers/friends on the blogosphere and email. A incredibly merry christmas with love & very best wishes for a happy, healthy and truly successful future.

Love & light

Andy x

Merry christmas

Merry christmas

What’s your why.


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Looking back over all the advice I’ve been given in the last few years from so many people.

I really think that the best piece was to just sit down, and just work out my why.

That one little word has a made such a difference to my life without that one little word I wouldn’t have trained to be a therapist, and I wouldn’t have become a blogger.

That one piece of advice led to me sitting down and really just thinking about what I really wanted to do with my whole future.

I really wanted to get off unemployment benefit that was my highest priority.

Then when I found something it didn’t really matter what. I was able to concentrate on creating my future.

I knew that I really wanted to make helping people the main part of my new career but while doing something that I felt 100% passionate about.

That’s when I ran into my first obstacle, what was I truly passionate about?

It was my mum who suggested hypnotherapy, I think it may have been partly because I was always walking round with my nose stuck in a book about hypnotherapy.

When I wasn’t reading about hypnotherapy I was hypnotizing friends and family. (Well attempting to hypnotise friends and family)

Here was the one thing that I felt truly 100% passionate about I had a rough idea of the ways hypnotherapy might help people, but at the time I really didn’t truly appreciate the true scale of what people could achieve with the help of hypnosis.

It was only when I attended my first course with Sheila Granger to study the virtual gastric band, and I got to meet professional hypnotherapist’s.

I got to hear just how happy they were doing their job, I got an idea of just how much of a difference hypnotherapy could make to a person’s life.

They were more than happy to tell me their stories, their why’s.

And the thing I noticed, regardless of who I spoke to we all had very similar why’s.

We all wanted to help make a difference to other people’s lives in our own ways but with the tools that hypnotherapy gave us.

It has been a long and interesting journey and my current why is that I want to be able to help as many people as I can with hypnosis and to be the best hypnotherapist that I can be.

While growing my business and learning all the skills I need to run a successful practice.

To be truthful I hope I will always learn something new everyday, something that will always challenge and stretch my mind.

“God knows it needs it”

The other thing on my list is learning to fly, but that I guess is for 2013…

Love & light

Andy x