Hypnotherapy faq?

How does hypnosis work?

In a word, “suggestion.”

Hypnotherapy is all about suggestion when you take in a suggestion, to your subconscious it becomes real, but you still have to take that suggestion in for it to become real. And this is were your mind makes choices.

I could while you are under hypnosis suggest that you give me your car.
All that would happen is you’d look at me and tell me to get lost then you’d walk out.

While in hypnosis you could never be made to do something you wouldn’t do in your everyday life, when not hypnotised.

I’ve never been hypnotised.

We all slide in and out of hypnosis up to 220 time’s a day, its a perfectly natural state to be in. We even drive while hypnotised.

It’s just a wonderful natural state, eg have you ever started driving home from a hard day at work. And then before you know it you’re back at home?

The journey didn’t seem to take as long, and you didn’t get held up at those traffic lights you always get stuck at.

You’re chilling on the couch with your loved one, watching a movie. With that big bowl of hot buttery popcorn and you reach in to take a handful, just as the teen aged victim is walking down in to the cellar, they don’t know the psychotic clown with the machete is down there but you do.

The next thing you know another ten minutes of the movie has passed and your still wrist deep in snack’s.

That wonderful time when your comfortable in bed. You’ve just found that perfect position and the duvet is starting to get warm from your body heat, your just starting to drift off to delicious sleep.

They’re all examples of hypnotic states.

Who can be Hypnotised?

All living human’s can be hypnotised, there are certain rules about who should be hypnotised.

If you have any specific questions about hypnotherapy, I’d love to hear from you.

I’m not saying I have all the answers but I’m passionate about hypnotherapy and love finding out new things about hypnotherapy…


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