My name is Andrew Nathan Hill, Andy to you and all of my friends both of them, I know I’ve counted.

I live in Essex, England and I am clinical hypnotherapist, or hypnotist what ever title you prefer is fine by mean I’ve been called so much worse.

I will make clinical hypnotherapy my career.

Not incredibly interesting I know but its over now and we can forget about the formalities you at least have an idea as to who I am and why I’m here in the blogosphere in the first place.

Welcome to my Hypnotic World…

I got interested in all things hypnotic after getting ill. I suffered heart failure so I had time on my hands, I desperately needed something to do from working 80 hours a week as a chef to lying in a hospital bed channel hopping, is a hell of a culture shock. Not all bad though I did loose about 15kg in 10 day’s though I really wouldn’t recommend it as a diet option.

When I got out of hospital I didn’t feel as happy or confident as I used to. I returned to my career as a chef  briefly even though the only thing it proved to me, was that I could no longer cut the mustard. Its very true if you cant stand the heat get the hell away from the kitchen. And if anything’s going to knock your confidence that will.

Then I saw Instant Confidence by Paul McKenna in Sainsbury’s it was and still is my second home (except now I work there part time) and thought that really sounded like something I could do with, just the thing I needed.

I went home and read the book and put the cd in to the machine and lay down and listened, nothing happened.
Well not precisely nothing I listened and fell asleep.

I tried again the next day and stayed awake yay, now I cant really remember what I was expecting but I think at the time I may have been expecting to turn in to a zombie and start shuffling round in a very spaced out way.

Although if I had, that would more than likely be down to the medication I take.

But I didn’t, (shock horror) I just lay there listening and following the instructions and counting backward from 300 and I just felt good, really good.

I was totally aware of everything that was going on around me, but I could just ignore it, I felt my heart pumping away (always a good thing to feel if you have any heart problems believe me) I noticed my pulse just ticking away.

I didn’t do anything special, just lay there as Paul McKenna instructs at the start of the cd.

I could feel my body working away, my breathing was nice and relaxed.
I was totally aware of what was going on inside me, more aware than usual, and also fully aware of my surrounding and everything that was going on. Yet I found it incredibly easy to ignore all.

However inside I felt calm and completely at peace.

As I lay counting down what to me had felt like two minutes had actually been quarter of an hour.
Time had stretched, my few seconds had got longer without noticing.
I had only reached 180 when I was been woken up by Mr McKenna counting to 5 and telling me to wake up, and be back in the room.

I repeated the exercise a few more times and found my self hooked.

Hypnotherapy & nlp books were picked up and read, cd’s were listened to you name them Paul McKenna, Richard Bandler, John Grinder, Derran Brown.

I read them all, going on facebook to ask friends for recommendations to learn from.

As by then I had cultivated a few select friends who were hypnotherapist’s.
Or at least incredibly keen and knowledgeable about the art.

I then read Change your life in seven days and within a week I’d got a job, in Sainsbury’s another rousing cheer for the power of hypnotherapy hip, hip, hurrah.

I have to say at this point I had been un-employed for nearly two year’s and starting to get really down hearted. People would ask why I had to leave my previous job, only for a look of abject horror to cross their faces, as I told them.

I think most potential employers were scared I was going to drop dead on company property. Leaving them a huge insurance claim or a huge mess, either way not attractive to potential employers.

And so dear reader we have reached the start of my story or journey.

I had a job, an expensive hypnotherapy habit (at least 2 cd’s a day) and a love of putting myself and others to sleep. I could either be a open university lecturer or a hypnotherapist so with the resounding clarity of the over confident and over optimistic. I knew that was what I wanted I was going to be a hypnotherapist.

So started my journey.

As they seem to say in all the best martial arts films when the student is ready the master will appear. Its true and in my case it was Sheila granger who started me on the long winding road to being a professional hypnotherapist.

My love of cooking, nutrition and the sad death of a family friend that made me want to help people with eating disorders I am always learning and hope I always will.

Best wishes for your continued success

Andy x


24 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi Andy, this is Andi =)
    Thanks for subscribing to my blog! ~ Now, that you’ve joined, I have an extra motivator to keep writing, and writing,… and writing away. Have tons of fun along your HMI journey!
    Love and light,

    • HI Andi,

      Sorry for the lateness in reply thank you for your comment enjoy reading your blogs although havent been on much for a good while and really hope to catch up with whats going on in your corner of the world

      Love & Light


  2. I have been interested in self hypnosis for a while, mainly to remember blocked memories from my childhood..sometimes I go to sleep listening to youtube affirmations by Louise L Hay. Could you recommend some cd’s?

    • Hi Shantelle,

      Sorry for the late reply, only just worked out how to reply from my phone.
      I don’t really know of any self hypnosis cd’s for general use, if you are interested in self hypnosis.

      I really would advise you to go see a hypnotherapist. And they can take you to a wonderful deep hypnotic state and then while your in hypnosis give you the techniques to take yourself back to that state. Any time you feel like. All hypnotist will help you with this if you like, so then its nice just to put on you favourite piece of music, sit or lie down.
      Get yourself comfortable and take yourself down.
      Or if its specifically for getting to sleep you might be interested in Sheila Grangers snooze buddy.

      Its a great piece of kit, I know I use mine at-least once or twice a week.

      Hope this has been some help I do know of a few decent self hypnosis book, Ill find out the titles and let you know.

      Love & light

      Andy x

  3. Thanks for liking my Monet Garden’s post and signing up! Enjoy!

  4. Wow reading your journey sounds just like my own journey.Mine was my back 2 operations later I’m proud to say I’m a hypnotherapts specialising in pain control and weightlloss.Keep up the good work .

    • Hi Thanks for your message, love your blogs, great to meet you, it does seem like the best therapist are generally people who have entered it after suffering some kind of setback or illness. look forward to finding out more about what your doing with hypnotherapy.

      Love & light

      Andy x

  5. Interesting reading your story Andy. Thanks for subscribing to my PhotoBlog.

    I just wanted to also let you know that I enter some sort of altered state of mind when I’m in serious pain out walking and that I can understand where you’re coming from in your attraction to hypnotherapy. I call my altered state of mind ‘walking meditation’ and all I know is that I arrive home completely free of pain and don’t know how I got there. It’s almost like self hypnotherapy. I do the same thing at home staring out at the swaying trees in the street. I seem to ‘lose’ a few hours and feel really calm and relaxed after the ‘session’.

    I have Fibromyalgia as well as a heart condtion.

    • Hi Victoria,
      Fantastic to meet you, love your photo blog, interesting story self hypnosis/medication is such a great way of dealing wih pain.
      fantastic to make your acquaintance.
      love & light Andy x

  6. Thanks for the follow on my blog. It’s great to meet fellow WordPress bloggers and learn about them. I look forward to reading through your posts.

  7. Hi Andy! Thank you for following my blog! 😀

    I loved reading your “About”. You’ve been through some tough times and then worked your way out of it with the help of hypnotherapy. How wonderful is that? I love hearing inspirational stories of how people worked their way out of a sticky situation and more.

    Keep up the great work and always be happy!

    Shanice 🙂

    • Hi Shanice,

      Thank you for your wonderful comment, sorry for the late reply, only just worked out how to reply from my phone.
      Its wonderful to make your acquaintance, looking forward to find out more about you through your blogs.
      Best wishes for a happy, healthy & fantastic future.

      Love & light
      Andy x

  8. Hi, thanks for stopping by RezichFamilyKitchen and deciding to follow our little blog. We’ll be following your adventure as well!!

    • Hi thank you for taking a look I’m definitely looking forward to reading your blogs, wonderful to meet you, sorry for the late reply only just worked out how to reply from my phone.
      Love & light
      Andy. X

  9. Andy, I have NO idea how you stumbled upon my blog, but thanks! And thanks for following. I’m always inspired by other’s journeys. It’s amazing what can happen in a person’t life when they’re open to opportunity!

    • Hi Brandi,
      I hope your well great blog, pure chance. obviously I was just meant to find your blog. look forward to learning more, have a wonderful week

      Love & light
      Andy x

  10. Hey Andy, thanks for liking and following my blog “Archified”… Looking forward to hear from you and learning more about hynotism….

    warm regards

  11. Hi there. Many thanks for subscribing to my blog – and congratulations, you are my 200th follower! 😀

  12. Most interesting. Thanks for the look in.

  13. betternotbroken said:

    Thank you for following my blog, I like your positive outlook on life and I wish you all the best on fulfilling your dreams.

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