I found this a truly inspirational post fro Lorrele, it felt like I should include it in light of my last post on goal setting

Blog Your Passion

Bright purpose rose with spiral center, International Rose Garden, Portland, Oregon - photo by Lorelle VanFossen.

As we travel along a path, distractions will pull us off the track.

This is a truth.

Yet, we always find our way back onto the path, and eventually to our destination. The path and the end of the trip is too strong to keep us distracted for very long.

Such is the path you travel with your blog.

You may start out with great intentions, a destination in mind. Along the way, you will wander.

Remember that if the incentive to reach your goals is strong enough, it will pull you back on the path.

Wander where you will but trust that voice when it says it is time to move along in your journey.

You know the way. Trust that voice.

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