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Just for once you don’t find me sitting in a coffee shop, you find me at home totally blissed out listening to Chet Atkins and Mark Knopfler while I drink lemon and ginger tea laced with whiskey.

Flicking through the dailies trying to come up a with  something to write about will it be muscular woman, no I’m saving that for tomorrow or possibly the young woman who’s handed over huge amounts of cash to look like her heroine Barbie or maybe I’ ‘ll have a rant about the woman with eight children, whose never done a day’s work in her life.lives on benefits and claims she needs more money because her and her family inc husband who also doesn’t work. can’t afford to go away on holiday,, she wants a new bigger house in a better area and she ideally wants at least 14 kids. (the blood was boiling.) and then in a little box in the bottom of page three a piece of good news for all us people of average build, e.g. just a little bit over weight.

I don’t mean fat, just a bit over maybe not a spare tyre, just the inner tube. well

thanks  to scientist’ s and other clever people all around the world, that may be a good thing. we may live longer than the ideal weight,  or really skinny people.

Now this wasn’t just one test, this was a hundred different test’ s carried out on men and women all over the world just like you and I. They looked at a person’s body mass index or BMI at the start of the test and how likely they were to have died before the end of it.

Body mass index or BMI is a mathematical formula relating to height to weight.

People are classed as being a normal weight if they have a BMI between 18.5 and 24.9 and they are overweight if they have a BMI between 25 and 29.9.

Any one with a BMI above this magic 29.9 number is then automatically considered to be obese.

ok I think I get that as long as we don’t have a test afterwards I’m good so far.

the wonderful scientist’ s who spent their time working on this then went on to offer some wonderful reasons for this longevity when you carry a little bit extra weight. These range from the simple fact that those of us who carry just that little extra are more than likely to  be more closely monitored by our doctors/health professionals than those of a thinner stature to the frankly shocking idea that our genes may just be the reason why some people live longer than others, who’ d of thought it

Via just that as we start off with a little more fat reserved if anything does happen to us we’ ‘ll have slightly more reserves left should we get I’ll,.or become older. (Genius)

Or when we do get older that little bit extra gives us a.nice little cushion should we have a fall, “personally I don’t need to be older to be grateful for some extra padding on my bum when I ride my road bike for any distance, those saddle’ s are a killer”

So please remember when you don’t feel to great about what you see, when you look in the mirror and you’re think your carrying a little bit extra.

When you no longer look like you did at 19, (I know that feeling so well)

Just remember that little bit extra may, just may save your life.

Love & light

Andy x

Information courtesy of the Daily mail and the independent 02/01/2013