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So a new year a fresh blog from the trainee hypnotist and a uncontrollable desire to blog every day. All 365 of them, I know I’ve counted and I had a slightly better calender than the Mayans.

now don’t get me wrong this isn’t a new year resolution this is a truly passionate desire to blog every day. No my new years resolution is to throw my self out of a perfectly good plane at 12,000 feet for charity.

I can’t do the London to Paris well not.in three days my cardiologist won’t let me but jumping put of a plane, really how hard can it be?

I don’t think I’ll imagine that anymore with my luck, it becomes a full colour vision of horror, actually I say full colour it seems to involve lots and lots of red stuff.

So here I am resolutions up to the max well, the one about a parachute jump and full of desire to write my blog every day.

So I guessed were better to start my ambition than back in that bastion of sanity my favourite Costa coffee shop, where the drink are hot the staff are friendly and the tables are so close together you can’t help people watching.

Even if you wanted to, I personally don’t it’ s like doing my home work except I enjoy doing this and I’m not doing it at 7:30 am on the school bus and I don’t have to excuse myself for not doing it due to the dog eating it, or being abducted by aliens. (funny my English teacher never bought it she just made me write out my excuse and hand it in as homework, strange I always got better marks with my excuses than my carefully written prose. anyone would think she didn’t believe me…)

So now I’ve got one down and 365 to go, happy New year to you all.

Love & light

Andy x