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  • Happy New year

    2013 Happy New year

    Ok sorry Buzz, I know that’s your particular catchphrase but it was so good I had to borrow.

Firstly I hope you have all had a truly fantastic Christmas and enjoyed all the time that you got to spend with your loved ones over the festive period and that you all got everything that you desired for Christmas.

so we’ve come to the end of yet  another year 365 days, have seemingly flown by in the blink of an eye. Many wonderfully inspiring events have taken place as well a few things that should really never have happened, and we should work to ensure that they will never happen again.

There’ s going to be so many post’ s, reviews and tv specials in the next forty eight hours that I really don’t need to ‘re- hash them for you now we were there, we don’t need reminding we all lived 2012.

so instead Im going to look ahead to what’s just around the corner what’s coming up in 2013.

I hate to say it I may not necessarily the best hypnotist in the world in the next twelve months. I do however have a number of great plans for the coming year.

The podcast will get launched, big goal for me I always wanted to be the midnight caller, you can’t beat 80′ s tv shows.

My hypnotherapy practise gets launched properly, full on business start up. complete with website, press release and who knows what else, certainly not me…

And I’ve been so incredibly lucky to be able to say a number of incredibly talented people have agreed to do guest blogs for me.

They range from not only incredible hypnotherapist’ s but also personal trainer’ s, crystal healers massage therapists and all kinds of complimentary therapist’ s.

So thankfully mine won’t be the only opinion you get on this page in the coming year.

So last but not least I’d like to wish you all a truly happy healthy, and successful New year to one and all.

Love & light.

Andy x