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Rosemary Conley

Rosemary Conley looking gorgeous at 66

In today’s express there’s a great article about Rosemary Conley looking absolutely stunning at 66. Proving that with a combination of a good diet and exercise you can look amazing and feel fit at any age.

it is 41 years since Rosemary launched her first diet club and in that time she has produced 34 books and 30 DVD’ s. Her hip and thigh diet first published in 1988 has sold over 2 million copies, and she still remains the figurehead of a multi million pound weight loss empire.

Her business is her passion, “Honestly I’ ‘ll work until I’m ninety” she insists. She loves the feeling of changing people’s lives with her diet and fitness routines

She credits her currently svelte figure to appearing in last year’s dancing on ice “Skating is tough but fantastic for shaping you bum” she says.

she puts her business success to never taking no for an answer. always writing down your goals and seeing them through and never giving up on your dreams.

Her new book the FAB diet has just been released. Rosemary insists that the diet is not just for women, men follow the diet and gain the same results.

Rosemary’ s tested tips…

Always use a good quality non stick pan and dry fry mince.

Use soy sauce and vinegar, instead of oil and supplement Greek yoghurt instead of double cream.

Exercise doesn’t have to mean going to the gym at 6am doing small things such as parking your car a little further away and walking that extra bit can make such a big difference.

set yourself daily fitness challenges, Rosemary suggests taking two 15 minute  brisk walks every day.

40 minutes of brisk household chores.e.g. washing the car, housework or gardening.

stick to eating just three small meals a day. (Fantastic advice)

Keep a before and after photograph of yourself handy as a reminder of how far you have come.

take the clothes that are too big for you to the charity shop. (But keep your largest garment as a reminder of your success)

Love & light

Andy x

blog inspired by an article in the Daily Express 26/12/2012 & of course the continued success of Rosemary Conley.