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The Art of Hypnosis

The Art of Hypnosis

The art of Hypnosis,

mastering basic techniques By C Roy Hunter MS, Cht

CrownHouse Publishing

available in both paper back and on Amazon kindle.

Before I start I’d just like to say that you can learn the basics of hypnosis and hypnotherapy from a book but no amount studying text books can give you the information and knowledge, not to mention practical experience you get from studying with a professional hypnotherapy practitioner/trainer.

There are a few questions that I occasionally get asked by people with an interest in all thing hypnotic. And that’s what’s the best books to read.

To learn from I know I’ve been there I started with Paul McKenna and moved on from there. I’ve spent far more money than I could afford and far too much time trawling through some mediocre titles.

So the first one I’d like to recommend is the art of hypnosis by C Roy Hunter” At 218 pages this isn’t a huge book, but it is full of some really excellent information.

For me I found this the ideal beginners book it start off with a resume of his work and the work of his teacher the late Charles Tebbits.

Starting suitably with a chapter on what hypnosis is and why we use it. then he takes you through a brief history of the hypnotic art before moving on to suggestibility test’ s I think hypnotherapist’s in America call them convincers.

This gives us a brief idea of the variety of suggestibility test’s guiding you through the type of pre talk to give your client to a few tests you can use. he then takes you through the process of waking up your client.

There is no great mystery to this but it does help if you know how to wake somebody from their hypnotic wonderland, before you send them there. it save’s you having to flick backwards and forwards through the book.

Mainly for your sanity, your client is quite happy, sitting there comfortably hypnotized, in their own little world.

But if you have to start finding pages or like me use post it notes to mark the pages, which have a wonderful habit of disappearing at the most inopportune moments.

Then he takes you through a number of inductions from the Hollywood favourite eye fixation induction, we all recognise it the suited hypnotist with his pocket watch or staring in to the eyes of his poor unsuspecting victim while his victim agrees to what ever the all-knowing hypnotist demands.

Fun idea but total Hollywood. a rapid induction which is interesting and a progressive relaxation induction. Which will be the one that you use most of the time if you have any plans of becoming a professional hypnotherapist.

Mr Tebbits takes you through the deepening . process and brief notes about the various levels of the hypnotic state as well as the signs to recognise whether your client is in hypnosis e.g. softening of the facial features, swallowing, altered breathing.

And then a brief chapter on in hypnosis testing, opinions vary on in hypnosis testing such as eye catelepsy, arm levitation and quite a useful hand clasp test. it is quite good for stage hypnotists but in a clinical setting I tend not to use them.

But they can be fun on friends over a few drinks.

Before moving on to a section about therapeutic suggestions and how to frame them most effectively.

The book concludes with brief chapters on ethics and self hypnosis.

Before wrapping up with a chapter from the next volume in the series the art of hypnotherapy.

The art of hypnosis is a fantastic book packed with some great information from a beginners level Mr hunters deep respect for his teacher Charles Tebbits shines through in every page as does his experience as a hypnotherapy practitioner/teacher.

it’s an excellent book and if you have a interest in hypnosis then this is definitely a wonderful starting point it is the first of three books in the series, which Mr Hunter uses as his course syllabus for his hypnotherapy training. you can learn quite a lot from these books but they cannot replace training from a reputable certified trainer. Love & light

Andy x

Do you have a favourite hypnotherapy book you’d like to recommend.

I’d love to know what it is?