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Looking back over all the advice I’ve been given in the last few years from so many people.

I really think that the best piece was to just sit down, and just work out my why.

That one little word has a made such a difference to my life without that one little word I wouldn’t have trained to be a therapist, and I wouldn’t have become a blogger.

That one piece of advice led to me sitting down and really just thinking about what I really wanted to do with my whole future.

I really wanted to get off unemployment benefit that was my highest priority.

Then when I found something it didn’t really matter what. I was able to concentrate on creating my future.

I knew that I really wanted to make helping people the main part of my new career but while doing something that I felt 100% passionate about.

That’s when I ran into my first obstacle, what was I truly passionate about?

It was my mum who suggested hypnotherapy, I think it may have been partly because I was always walking round with my nose stuck in a book about hypnotherapy.

When I wasn’t reading about hypnotherapy I was hypnotizing friends and family. (Well attempting to hypnotise friends and family)

Here was the one thing that I felt truly 100% passionate about I had a rough idea of the ways hypnotherapy might help people, but at the time I really didn’t truly appreciate the true scale of what people could achieve with the help of hypnosis.

It was only when I attended my first course with Sheila Granger to study the virtual gastric band, and I got to meet professional hypnotherapist’s.

I got to hear just how happy they were doing their job, I got an idea of just how much of a difference hypnotherapy could make to a person’s life.

They were more than happy to tell me their stories, their why’s.

And the thing I noticed, regardless of who I spoke to we all had very similar why’s.

We all wanted to help make a difference to other people’s lives in our own ways but with the tools that hypnotherapy gave us.

It has been a long and interesting journey and my current why is that I want to be able to help as many people as I can with hypnosis and to be the best hypnotherapist that I can be.

While growing my business and learning all the skills I need to run a successful practice.

To be truthful I hope I will always learn something new everyday, something that will always challenge and stretch my mind.

“God knows it needs it”

The other thing on my list is learning to fly, but that I guess is for 2013…

Love & light

Andy x