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Earth, stop using our home as a waste bin and realise how lucky we are

Earth, stop using our home as a waste bin and realise how lucky we are

So here I am on apparently end of the world eve.

I’m sitting on a sand-dune with a bottle of bubbly, waiting for my date to arrive. I have my blackberry and I’m watching the sunset over the estuary off mersea island.

The slightly depressing strains of its the end of the world as we know it, by REM are wafting on the air from somewhere and I just felt tempted to write.

There are kid’s sailing optimist’s and mirrors and a few lasers racing over the waves. Overhead a rich red sunset has been painted over the horizon.

And apparently this could be the last time I see this sunset, the last time these kids race their boats, and the last bottle of champers I drink in this life.

Well according to a race of people a thousand years ago it is.

Now personally I don’t buy it, with all the computers, technology and experience we can’t even work out the best time to grit the roads in England.

Scientist’s haven’t mentioned the arrival of any huge lumps of rock from outer space and I don’t think we are that close to even our nearest black hole so I think were pretty safe.

I’m pretty sure that really the only way life on earth would get annihilated is by the aforementioned huge cosmic rock, getting sucked into a never ending black-hole or more realistically by our own greed and stupidity.

So I’m pretty much hundred per-cent sure that well all wake up on the 23rd, scratch our heads and wonder what the fuss was about.

But there’s part of me that thinks maybe we need something to change. I’m not talking about the full on biblical revelations. Fire, brimstone and the four horsemen of the apocalypse.

Something far more subtle maybe just a great big universal bitch-slap to the human race from the omniscient one.

(Please take your pick of deity, God, Jehova, Allah, Zuez, Thor or the Earth Goddess I’m pretty sure they’re all the same supreme being)

Just to make us realise that were not really top of the tree.

That we can’t carry on ripping the insides out of the planet for personal gain, and that all life on the planet has a purpose.

(And by purpose I don’t mean to be made in to beef steaks, handbags and shoes or hunted for pleasure and shot in cold blood just because you can, just because your human. No offence we are all still animals in our case we really are just the ape that got lucky)

And when I talk about killing other creatures I’m also talking about humans were all creatures and yet we still pick up our newspapers. And see horrific stories of murder, rape and violence.

So hopefully when we wake up on the 23rd of December something subtle will have taken place, possibly the new world order that’s been spoken about for the last three thousand years will come to fruition.

Maybe there will be a slight change of human perspective. Who knows that huge lump of rock may be hiding just out side of range and well see it hurtle past, the ultimate close encounter.

Whatever happens if anything all I can hope is that we do get the omniscient bitch slap we deserve, we do become enlightened about the way we treat our planet, ourselves and the wonderful beings we share it with.

And we do grow up and enter the third age.

Stop using our planet as a waste bin a hunting ground and a landfill, just realise how lucky we are and take care of mother earth…

Love and light

Andy x