I hate to admit it, but I’m only a recent convert to the power of the diary.

I’d got through at-least 35 years of my life without one. I could never see the point of writing down the minutiae of my every day life.

Its only when I seriously learnt the difference between a journal and a diary.

I’d grown up with the secret diary of Adrian Mole, and been an avid reader of Michael Palin’s diaries its only now I realise they were journals.

A diary is a completely different beast its a wonderful tool for getting your life in order.

When I was a chef it wasn’t something I needed.

My life was the same 24/7 long hours in a professional kitchen, followed by a few hours spent drinking copious amounts of alcohol before returning to my lodging’s for a few hours sleep.

And then returning to repeat it all over again the next day, the only ever difference was the size of the hangover. I was living ground-hog day.

But now I’m putting my self out there to be the best hypnotherapist in the world (like I say if your gonna dream, dream huge.)

I need to get my life in some type of order, that’s were my new best friend the diary comes in.

Now what I may be about to say is simple, and you may all know it.

But there may be somebody out there in the blogosphere like me, who’s a diary virgin.

I had some great advice so I’m just passing it on.

And as we are rapidly approaching 2013 (Mayan prophecy permitting) there’s going to be so many diaries been given as christmas presents.

And if your like me you’ll look at it, flick through and wonder what the hell to do with it. You may even use it as a journal for about a week, then get bored and put it down somewhere maybe rediscovering it in about august.

When you’ll make one of two choices to either start journaling again which lasts for about another week or throw it away.

So you have your nice crisp, clean diary. So clean and white its daunting in its emptiness.

I bet you’re thinking what can I put in it, I don’t have anything planned, I don’t do anything.

Ok well you go to work don’t you that’s something, especially useful if your shifts change like mine do.

Any family or friends birthday’s coming up?

Stick them in there.

Do you attend any part-time education, clubs or maybe a 2nd job or a part time business.

Get all that in there, now for somebody who thought they didn’t do much your diary is starting to get pretty full.

Anything else you know about doctors, dentist or hospital appointments.

Now those crisp, clean white pages don’t look that white anymore and this is just the mundane stuff.

You’ve still got the good stuff to go in there yet.

Like holiday’s, nights out, dates whatever you have planned write it down.

I imagine your diary is now filled with as much writing as the encyclopedia Britannica.

Now here’s the fun bit I want you to flip through your diary and see if there’s any free days.

Any empty pages.

If there aren’t have a look to see if any are nearly empty maybe you can move your plans to another day.

So you can give yourself an empty page, a free day.

These days are going to become your days.

Now you have your wonderful diary, with everything you have to do or just can’t get out of written in you can see what your doing every day.

You can plan ahead, you can give yourself more days.

More Me time.

And you couldn’t see the point of a diary, bet you wish you got one sooner…

Love and light

Andy x