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When were young, People are always asking us what we want in life, What we want to do when we grow up?
from the time we start going to school to the time we leave college.

We spend a great deal of time thinking, planning what we want to be? What would make us happy? What do we want to do with our lives?

When we get older our lives get taken over by our jobs, family, spouse, mortgage a thousand and one things that plague our daily lives.

We all plan for what we don’t want in life, but from the age of thirty very few of us plan for the things we do want.

Don’t believe me huh?

Ok how many people out in the blogosphere have life insurance and accidental death cover just in case the worst happens, we all want to leave a little for our family so that if were not around they’ll be taken care of well you never can tell.

how many people have planned their funeral, I know a few, 1 who has even bought a burial plot. Even the radio stations get in on the act. At least once a month asking their listeners if they know the tune they want played at their funeral. (in my case its Firestarter by the prodigy. well I am being cremated)

Not enough, Householders all have house hold insurance, contents insurance in case of fire, theft, flood and incontinent relatives unfortunately due to global warming the increase in flooding, and natural disasters the insurance companies spend more of the time refusing to pay out because they’re all acts of god.

Drivers we all have huge premiums on our cars and trucks just in case.

And then if you’re a professional, a trades person or in business then you need a hundred and one different insurances just in case you forget your training or loose your skills.

They’re all necessary but they do mean that we seem to spend most of our lives planning for the things we don’t want.

I wonder when was the last time that you sat down and just asked yourself am I happy? What do I want? you could be surprised by the answer.

They don’t have to be huge changes Im not suggesting that anyone runs away and joins a circus or becomes a monk. and I certainly wouldn’t recommend leaving your family and running off with an eighteen year old to a desert island. just minor changes can make a huge difference to your life, you may feel that your career is taking you in the wrong direction.

Maybe if your young and single, then running away to a desert island with an eighteen year old may not be such a bad idea.

So if when you’ve read this and you have a few moments free, maybe have a coffee, take a seat, relax and just ask yourself what do you really want out of your life, what would make you happy. Just see where it takes you.

Spend some time thinking aboout the good stuff.

Love & light

Andy x