As we hurtle faster and faster towards the end of 2012.

I find myself wondering just where the hell the last twelve months have gone.

So much has happened in the last year and there is so much I still want to achieve.

My vision board has been there through most of the ups and downs, on the roller coaster of life.

Its pretty much kept me focused, on my path but when I look at it now with 2013 heading towards us at a rate of knots I realise that I really need to sit down and work on it.

I realise my goals have changed.

Last year I was focused on becoming a hypnotherapist, studying with Sheila G and possibly helping a few people.

In 2013 I want to be the best hypnotherapist I can be.

I want my office in Westwood park and many happy clients.

Such Happy clients that I don’t need to advertise, they become my best advert.

2013 is my year for going to Canada to see L.

So now sitting in my favourite coffee shop, a large steaming latte sat at my elbow and a sketch pad before me.

The blank pages somewhat daunting in their whiteness.

Trying to plan my future.

My goals and desire’s for the coming year.

In my mind I have a whole host of mental polaroid’s scattered in-front of me on the table.

So like anyone with a big pile of imaginary photographs I start sorting through them.

My hands whirling in space.

People wondering what the hell I was doing.

Here would be a perfect moment for strangers to think I’m mad.

All it needed was kung-fu fighting playing over the in house stereo.

And it would have been perfection my hands moving in a blur.

Mentally focused on my task, sorting my future out, Image by image.

Sorting the coming year into two piles, what I want in my life and what I don’t want.

So now in my mind at-least I have my vision board sorted.

The mental pictures are neatly stacked the one’s I want to keep have been kept.

The rest have made it in to my mental trash can.

I just have to get it out of my mind and down on paper.

On my way out I did get some fairly old fashioned looks.

What you never seen tai-chi before?

Love & light

Andy x

mental tai-chi a great way to sort your vision board

mental tai-chi a great way to sort your vision board