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ImageOk I know that many of my post’s can be long winded affairs, but today its only a quickie as I write this I have you tube open and Im watching Brian May interview the late great Sir Patrick Moore.


I never knew the man personally but in a small way it kinda feels like I lost a friend his program the sky at night has been running for longer than I’ve been alive so he’s always been there.

He was every one favourite Uncle in the ill fitting suit who came round for christmas and told you things you never knew.

he had his own peculiar style with his suit and monocle, looking every inch the nutty professor, but there was something about the man that just made you listen.

maybe it was his passion about astronomy or perhaps it was just the type of man that he was that made it impossible to resist the information he was passing on, I really dont know.

but what ever it is unfortuantely its gone, there will always be reminders of the man himself he touched so many peoples lifes with his knowledge, hooking people on astronomy among many Brian May, yes the legendry queen guitarist and in a small way me even though I couldnt tell you what the constelation of aries looks like or how many days it takes mars to orbit the sun.

Thanks to The sky at night I at least became interested in the heavens.

All I know is that now there is one more star up there.

Possibly if you look up in to the sky one night  maybe, just maybe you’lll see it  it could be a shooting star or possibly just a twinkle in the distance but I know its there the Star man will be among stars and hopefully he can find his true love once again and spend eternity happy.

So before I go I just want to ask all the people out in the wonderful wide blogosphere, if you do see that new star, just send it your best wishes, and maybe send a prayer out to everyone’s favorite uncle in the i’ll fitting suit and the monocle.

Love and light

Andy x

Watch those skies…