Yay new toy

Yay new toy

I don’t know about you but I love any excuse to buy a new toy.

Doesn’t really matter what it is just the thought of that fresh, new bit of kit is enough to give me goose bumps.

So it was with a massive amount of joy that when I signed on for the hypnotension course I read that I would have to buy a blood pressure metre.

They made suggestions and next to each little description was the obligatory link to Amazon.

With a click of the mouse I was once more surfing the hallowed pages of the big river.

Which model should I buy, eeny, meeny, miny, mo, they each had their good points.

And as I don’t know a great deal about blood pressure monitors I sucked air through my teeth, tapped my fingers on the desk and occasionally scratched the noggin.

Frankly the only requirements I could really think it needed to fill, were that they did the job and were idiot proof, as its going to be me using it most of the time and although I love gadget’s they don’t usually return my sentiment.

In no time at all dying on me in a wonderful display or noxious smoke. (Usually when I’m needing to use it for the very reason I bought it)

So within minutes of clicking on my newly desired piece of tech my card in hand, and purchase made.

So now all I had to do was sit back, maybe have a well earned coffee and twiddle my thumbs till my new purchase arrived.

The one thing I like about the big A, is that if they have it in stock they’re usually pretty good on lead times so in two day of buying my new bp monitor. I came home from work after a reasonably crappy day.

To find sitting on my stairs under my cat was one of those nice brown Amazon boxes. Maybe its me but I do find I get rather excited when I come home to strange boxes.

Possibly its the smell of th cardboard or just the shape and the weight that take me back to christmas past.

But what ever it is I just love parcels, so shooing my cat away amid a flurry of claws and hisses and just a little spilled blood.
(Please don’t worry, it was my blood and not the cats)

And taking it in to the kitchen searching the box for a tape end or someway to open it.
By now becoming impatient I had to reach for the knife drawer for my smallest vegetable knife to cut the adhesive.

And there underneath wrapped in sheets of shiny brown paper all new and fresh and shiny was my new blood pressure monitor.

But that’s for another day.

Love & light

Andy x