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Emma before 28/03/2012

Emma before 28/03/2012

I’ve been lucky, and before you start switching off I don’t mean in the James Blunt kind of way.

I’ve been lucky since I found I had no choice but to learn hypnotherapy, because I’ve met some or the most wonderful, inspiring people.

And many

Emma after30/10/2012

Emma after 30/10/2012

people who have always been there but maybe I just took them for granted without realising.

But today’s blog is Emma’s story.

Emma works with my mum, they both work in care of the elderly.

Emma’s a busy working mum, like so many busy mums.

She starts early in the morning, doing the usual household chores, making sure her children are awake, well, fed and ready for school.

Then she goes to work, doing the day job, before going back home back to her family sorting out kids, dinners, school uniforms and a hundred and one, other things all busy mums have to do.

Emma’s tried dieting before and like anyone who’s ever tried dieting they don’t work or they’re difficult to stick to.

Especially when your running around doing all the things that a mum has to do, by the time you’ve gone through your whole day I’m guessing the last thing you want to do is start cooking different meals.

if you do have to cook different meals, you spend your time planning what it should be.

So then you plan what you need, to buy, to prep, to cook and after all that your family may hate it, wanting something different, hell after all that planning and work you may hate it.

So after, I had studied how to be a hypnotherapist with Sheila Granger, and learnt her gastric band system.

The first thing I did was gather together about 10 volunteers who wanted to make a difference to their lives.

Not only that, they were doing it for charity. By making a donation to Take Heart Colchester, so every one is a winner.

I got to practise my new found skills, my volunteer clients got to make the changes in their lives they wanted, and they raised money for a great cause win, win…

That’s how I met Emma.

Like most people Emma hadn’t had a great deal of experience with hypnotherapy, but wanted to become her ideal shape and size.

We didn’t discuss her initial weight, but here was a lady who knew what her goal was and wanted to reach it.

We hit it off fairly well in the initial consultation and fairly quickly we had built a good rapport and were ready to start with the session.

So Emma made her self comfy and we began.

Now the thing is I would love to be able to say how hard I worked and what a great job I did.

But the truth is it was easy, Emma has done a fantastic job.

With the training by Sheila granger and the way her Virtual gastric band system works, It wasn’t work at all let alone hard work.

Finally because I’m loving what I’m doing and so ridiculously happy to have the opportunity, I couldn’t be happier.

And guess what it makes a huge change from working in a cafe. Huge grin 🙂

Firstly Emma knew were she was heading, knew her reasons and has fantastic reasons for getting there.

She allowed herself to relax and be led into hypnosis quickly and deeply.

In other words she was a dream to work with.

Secondly because I’d been handed everything I needed to know, pretty much on a plate By Sheila Granger.

(Its no wonder sheila goes round the world training people its a fantastic system.)

Sheila had given me the tools to help Emma reach her goals, all I had to do was sit back and pass them on.

“And just hope I didn’t screw up”

So in what seemed like no time at all I was counting up to five and waking Emma up, the first session was over.

I was wracking my brain trying to remember if I’d done everything, if I’d included all her reasons, and whether I’d got her deep enough for it to be a success.

only time would tell, but I needn’t have worried.

So I let the session fade from my memory, getting on with my working week with only a few occasional drifting thought’s spurring me to wonder how my volunteers were getting on.

A week later I was back in the office I was using.

Emma came in and told me she’d lost 5lbs in the first week.

I was so happy and my little spark of confidence grew bigger into a small flame.

So that’s how the program went the remaining three weeks went quickly with each week Emma keeping me informed about how much nearer she was to reaching her size and shape goals.

By mid may we had finished the program, each week Emma keeping on track with her goals and making steady losses.

Taking larger and larger steps to her goal.

In October Emma contacted me interested in a top up and to see if I’d take another photo.

So along I went on the day and there was Emma looking amazing.

A new hair do, and as her son said

“your half the woman you were mum.”

So now fast forward to the 5th of December 2012. Emma is now about one and a half stones from her ideal size and shape.

And I know that with the way she’s slimmed down so far. She will soon reach her goal.

Well ahead of the goal she set herself, but in a healthy, predictable, and reliable way.

Her size and shape has slimmed down from 21 stone to just under 15 stone and she’s looking fantastic.

Now I always knew Sheila’s system was great because of the results I had slimming down by two stone.

But its really fantastic to see such a fantastic person, experiencing such wonderful and well deserved results.

She’s achieved so much in such a short time, and she’s happy. With no faddy diets, counting calories or points.

I’m so proud of what she’s achieved and that in a small way I was able to help her reach her goals.

And I’m so proud to have been trained by Sheila to use her system.

Because I am totally confident that with her VGB system, so many more people could really gain huge benefit’s.

Before I sign off, I’d just like all my readers in the blogosphere to join me in wishing Emma all the very best in reaching all her future goals.

And seeing what she’s achieved this time with reaching her ideal size and shape. The future’s looking bright for the Dragon queen.

And I hope that if she need’s any help in the future she remembers my number.

Love & light

Andy x