Tonight. 05/12/2012 I was lucky enough to join a webinar with the pro-blogger himself Mr Darren Rowse.

For his top 10 tips, the ten titbits of information that he’d wished he had known when he first started blogging or at least when he first became a professional blogger.

If you haven’t heard of Darren Rowse and your a blogger with ambitions of building your blog community. Then you may like to check out

It was a fantastic webinar and Darren went over his time answering some of the many questions that had been emailed into him from the outset.
Some really fantastic advice like he said it may only be small bits of advice but the really paid dividends for him.

Now I’m the first to admit that I’m not the worlds best blogger with multiple bouts of writers block and needing to develop my voice and style.

But the one thing that really stuck out for me was that your blog should be a community.

It should give people the chance to get together and share ideas and opinions regardless of the geographical distance that separate’s them.

And I love that idea, so my question to you.

Is what would you like me to write about please suggest. You all know the joys of writers block and how sometimes just a little nudge in the right direction can take you a long way.

And yes any comments or criticisms as long as they’re constructive would be appreciated.

Hopefully they’ll help me learn my craft, because the one thing I’m slowly realising about blogging, is not just that I love it. As I’m sure all of you do but its really starting to become an obsession.

Not only writing and reading other blogs. But reading about blogging and now going to late night webinar’s and getting to meet all of you regardless of distance, it looks like we have common ground.

That was only one of his tips and I know that over the next few day’s I’ll dish out some more choice cuts but really to get the real deal you’ll need to go to and sign up.

Hey why not its free and informative, for me that’s a win, win situation.

I really do appreciate all the people who take the time to comment on my rambling’s, so if you do have any suggestions, comments or queries Just get in touch.

Love & light

Andy x

The maestro, Darren rowse pro-blogger

The maestro, Darren rowse pro-blogger