As you know I love studying, I’m not a great student but I do love to study and over the christmas holiday’s I was hoping to study the uses of hypnotherapy with cancer sufferers.

Unfortunately at the moment that’s fallen through for the time being, and I don’t start doing anything with eating disorders till the new year.

So I was looking for a challenge, I need something to keep me off the sofa and away from the tv.

More importantly away from the heaps of goodies that seem to appear over the festive season.

And as I have a vested interest in heart health. I started looking around for some sort of related training.

I wasn’t really sure what I was looking for I typed all kind of combinations in to google. Mainly receiving list’s of useless information and online chemist’s offering to sell me the cheapest viagra on the internet. And a few companies who personally guaranteed to increase the size of my manhood.

And then finally blood pressure hit something solid.

It hit hypnotension,

So I scooted around their site and read a few bits of information and testimonials.

And with my mind only slightly made up I went for the free module.

And yeah it was interesting. It gave me some background that I didn’t know.

And considering my previous history with hypertension and the ability for my blood pressure to go through the roof with just the slightest hint of a white coat.

And a few other details that looked interesting.

Here seems to be a great way to help your clients come to terms with hypertension.

Giving them the chance to design their own pathway to recovery. Giving them hope.

Not only that to help them re-educate themselves. So they can take control of their life and their condition for the rest of their lives.

Now that’s huge.

But not only that they have a 60 day no quibble, money back guarantee.

The thing is I love hypnotherapy and hypnotension allows your client to not only discover the aggravating factors (the X factor) that may be causing their hypertension.

You also work together to decide the changes they need to make. To maybe remove or at least lesson (The X factors) but also use hypnosis to allow your client to change those behaviours, those x factors for their greatest good and best health.

I’ve only done the first module, but I have to say I like what I’ve seen. You do need to take notes, or at least I do to make sure that it all goes in.

But there are a load of handout’s not only for the practitioner, but also for the client to help them along the healing path.

And then its head down and study for the final exam.

I’ll keep you posted on how I get along with my training.

I know one thing now I didn’t know yesterday, who’d have thought liquorice increases your risk of hypertension.

Love & light.

Andy x