when I was kid I only ever wanted to be a writer

when I was kid I only ever wanted to be a writer

When we are young, we all have ideas about what we want to do when we get older.

What we’d love to do when we are adults, originally after watching the first shuttle take off at primary school I wanted to be a astronaut.

If I couldn’t do that I wanted to be a nasa scientist.

Didn’t matter that I was only five, knew nothing about science, wore coke bottle glasses and got travel sick going out in the family car on long journeys, I was going to be an astronaut.

As I got older and slightly bigger, the idea of all the work it would take made the idea wane rapidly.

I started reading more and more, the Moomins, the Hobbit, the lord of the rings and the jungle book.

If I sound a-bit nerdy, its because I was, Books became my release.

My way out of my everyday life at school, I knew deep down that I looked nothing like buck rogers, the crew of the enterprise or battle star galctica I knew I’d never be the captain of a star ship.

At-least with books I could imagine I was in the pilot seat, setting a course for Mars, or flying through the rings of Saturn.

So obviously if you can’t beat them join them. And writing gave me the opportunity to do just that.

I could put my self in the heart of the action, It didn’t need to just be in a space ship I could command whatever I liked, I could get the girl for once,I loved it.

Now I wanted to be a writer.

The thing about ambition is that generally as you get older life takes over and ambition gets swept away.

By a tidal wave of bills, rent and responsibility.

You get swept away from what you want to do and life becomes about what you need to do.

So for many years I put my typewriter to one side while I concentrated on my career as a chef any writing ambitions I had were put on hold indefinitely.

I may never have picked up a pen ever again, if I hadn’t got sick and started getting my head round my life.

Blogging offered me such a release, its a definite work in process, my style needs a lot of work and I’m constantly plagued by writers block.

But the one thing I learnt from blogging is that even though I love writing.

I’d have sucked as a writer.

Love & light

Andy x

I loved my typwriter, I miss it

I loved my typwriter, I miss it