According to the I newspaper today people have forgotten about the risk’s associated with having unprotected sex.

Not only the risks of unwanted pregnancy but also sti’s, HIV and Aids to name a few.

The amount of people being diagnosed yearly with HIV is going up at a steady rate since 2009.

It’s not like HIV is something new, HIV has been around for at-least 30 years.

When it was first made public there were terrifying advert’s on all the tv channels. Beautiful people getting it on after a meal, and then the voice over in a deep bass, rumbled out your speakers.

If you have unprotected sex, you’re going to die.

Or the other advert that seems to stand out in my memory was about sharing dirty needles.

Not only did it have the same huge voice over, its end title seemed to be made up of syringes, leaking blood and a message written underneath in O negative which read Aids Kills. Again simple but effective.

People were so afraid of this new virus they wouldn’t sit down in public toilets for fear of transmission.

I admit the first time I saw the advert with the couple I was only about 5 or 6 and well I didn’t really know what sex was, and to be truthfully honest HIV and Aids were just words grown ups talked about.

But what ever sex, HIV or Aids were I was going to avoid it.

I was far too young to die no matter how pretty the woman in the advert was.

It scared the hell out of me…

Thankfully as I got older, though certainly not wiser.

I’ll just stick to older.

Sex I found wasn’t scary it was fun, but something must have clicked from my past I had to use a condom, I had to be safe, for her and my health.

So why don’t we have the same kind of information out there now. We always say our kids watch too much tv.

We may as-well make it work for us.

We say our kids grow up quicker than we did, and looking round it’s true.
They have no fear of anything and unfortunately maybe that’s something that’s sadly lacking.

We know all this and yet we still don’t seem to be acting on it. Its many year’s since I was at school (surprise, surprise) I remember that sex education for us was a friend’s dad’s porn video collection.

Or at school it was taught as if the teacher was reading it out from a set of Ikea instructions.

Put part A in slot B and repeat, anything else was just on the job training.

But they did bang into us the need to take responsibility, the need for safe sex. (Ok admittedly bad choice of words)

I know that parents do all they can to keep their children safe and healthy.

Schools can be sued if a child falls over in the playground or gets bullied by another pupil.

So why when our children are learning so many different and wonderful subjects are they not learning about safe sex after all it could save their lives.

Why aren’t our government’s making more of it. Bring back the spooky voice that’s scared the sh#t out of so many people when I was growing up.

Bring back the simple message put a rubber on it, or you could die.

Its not f#”;ing rocket science.

Oh and here’s a thought maybe we wouldn’t have so many unwanted children living in care.

Because and I quote someone I know “It doesn’t feel the same to wear a condom, you loose the sensation”

Well fu#;ing boo-hoo you selfish bastard.

Just imagine the sensations of seeing your one night stand in a bar only for them to tell you they’ve just found out they’re HIV positive and maybe you should get checked…

how would it feel to be told by a doctor that you have HIV/Aids.

how would it feel to tell the people you love and care about, that because you don’t like wearing a condom you have HIV/Aids.

But most of all and truly most unforgivable.

Imagine how it feels to be a small child tossed in to the care home system, maybe from the moment you’re born.

To spend the best part of your life in care, being shipped from one place to another with no stability, no parents.

Because some arrogant bastard, didn’t want to wear a condom. “Because it spoilt the sensation”,(my heart truly bleeds for the people who come out with such s#:t it really does and I know several)

What sensations do you have now?

Because all it takes is one little piece of rubber. And you can prevent all this, its not a miracle its a condom.

The I-phone doesn’t have an app for it, maybe it should.

The Rubber app.

Or just maybe instead of letting people blame everyone else for their mistakes.

We make them take responsibility, give them the information, the warnings and scare the crap out of them if we have to.

Surely its better to scare people now and prevent unnecessary suffering in the future.

Love & light

Andy x