The wonderful Abba babes

The wonderful Abba babes

Or How I lost my heart to an ABBA Babe.

There I was still seeing. Out of only one eye after a last minute cancellation, been in the operating theatre with nowhere to go and having the week from hell. With every one telling me how much they were looking forward to the party I’d organised for friday.

And really it seemed like the only person who wasn’t in the party spirit was me.

The day of the party came around quickly, under a seemingly increasing pile of grief. Even down to finishing work late on the evening of the party. No one else’s fault I admit but my own it still put somewhat of a dent in my spirits.

Obviously I hadn’t bargained on. The power of spending the evening with two attractive young women. The ABBA Babes…

Not only are they gorgeous, greatly talented singers. They’re also funny and made sure every one who came to the party had a fantastic time.

I soon found my spirits lifting and myself joining in loudly even though I have to say, I’m not the best singer well I sound like a bull frog with a sore throat.

But Agneta and Freida. Aka Stacy Collins & Sadie Jones soon had the dance floor packed with happy, dancing, singing people.

All of us having a fantastic time and in between sets Stacy’s Husband did a fantastic job on the decks. Keeping everyone in the mood for more. It was a fantastic night, everyone had a great night and I may have even fallen ever so slightly in love with an Abba babe.

So all I can really say is if you love ABBA, your looking for two great girls who have great voices and know how to use them then you might like a look at their website

I really can’t recommend the girls highly enough, in the words of tony the tiger their great…

Love and light

Andy x

I'm trying not to look smug. But they are gorgeous x

I’m trying not to look smug. But they are gorgeous x