So today’s the day, I’ve been waiting for.

After 6 months it’s the day for my eye op, to have the cataract removed and I know I shouldn’t be nervous.

Its something I’ve had done before, but this time seems different some how maybe its just because people keep throwing things at me today. Or maybe its just the idea of been awake while a surgeon goes about his business.

But for whatever reason, I really can’t relax, I’ve even tried self hypnosis which had just got me to a nice, chilled, zoned out place. When ring, ring the phone start ringing.

Arrrgh, No I don’t want new window’s. No that’s right or a conservatory.
We really don’t need double glazing, yes I’m sure its a fantastic offer. Thank you bye bye.

Must remember next time I’m going to hypnotise myself to switch the bloody things off.

So then its out with the latest Clive Cussler for a quick but well deserved read and I’m just starting to feel myself drifting off in to the world of the Van Dorn detective agency.

And Brrrrr. Who the hell can that be at the door, I’m not expecting anyone.

So downstairs I go expecting something important or at least a letter that’s too big for the box, and a overly considerate post man.

Good morning, have you heard the new’s?

Slightly baffled and somewhat intrigued by this opening gambit I un-thinkingly I allow it to continue.

Have you heard the news that you could be saved.

Errrrr. Slightly worried now, No…

Expecting any moment to find my self on the receiving end of the sermon on the doorstep.

He continues…

Saved thousands of pounds a year by installing our double glazing.

So the moral of this story is just when you think it can’t get worse.

Some Ba#!;rd may just try and sell you double glazing…

Have a great day, love & light

Andy x