First of all, I’d like to apologise for been away for a long time unfortunately I’m still waiting for eye surgery.

Everyone recommended avoiding eye strain and spending too much time working on my laptop so I’ve been away too long, and got bored and missed everyone in the whole blogosphere.

But today’s post is very important to me. It’s all about my specialisation, eating disorders, its not informative I’m just looking for people who have suffered or are suffering some type of eating disorder.

I know that hypnotherapy can be incredibly helpful with most conditions, including ED’s.

The reason I suppose I feel particularly drawn to this specialisation is that I had a friend who died of her ED. So I can understand the loss and the training I’m doing and talking to doctors and specialist’s give me so much information I feel my head’s about to burst.

However I still find it hard to get my head round it, that and I wish every day that I’d been drawn to hypnotherapy sooner, maybe I could have helped her.

So what I’m really asking all of you in the blogosphere.
Who have experience of eating disorders from both sides either. From loss or being a sufferer.

Please email me and please just let me know how it feels, help me understand it.

So I can do my job to the best of my ability, it may be too late for M but I may be able to help others, with your help…


Love & light

Andy x