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The lotus room at colchester buddhist centre

The lotus room at colchester buddhist centre

After months of searching, my search for a room to practice hypnotherapy in is over.

I’m one step nearer to my goal of becoming the no 1 hypnotherapist in the world. If your going to have a goal make it a huge one…

(Ok its a big goal I know and I’ll happily settle for being the best hypnotherapist in Essex. But to be the best I need to learn from the best and with Sheila I’ve already made a good start…)

I’ve been looking for a specific atmosphere and the lotus room at the Colchester buddhist centre, seem’s perfect.

It’s a small, airy, light room with just a few chairs.

But as soon as you walk down the path to the carved wooden gate and see the small, bright garden beyond.

With copious amounts of lavender shaking their delicate purple heads in the gentlest of breezes. Bright perennials surrounding a small statue of the Buddha.

As you follow the path to the small building various scents and sounds fill your senses. You walk in to a small light space that instantly makes you feel at home.

Its like walking in to a warm embrace from an old friend.

As you step over the threshold in to the room you just feel like you belong
That its welcoming you from the clean simple decor to the statue of the Buddha down to the simple but comfortable seating in a rich deep terracotta shade.

I know it’s not much, but I really feel I’ve made another step on my way to been a successful hypnotherapist.
And helping many others.

Love & light

Andy x

If your interested in finding out more about buddhism or the lotus room visit, the Colchester buddhist centre online.