Just found this little gem thanks to Gardens illustrated and had to share. fantastic well worth a look.
Love & light
Andy x

Ben's Garden Log

You will have to believe that this is a post born of experience as the Non-Disclosure Agreement I signed back in November forbids from publishing any evidence.  Without this legally binding agreement I might well have ended up sharing stories and details of my employers garden hedges on some obscure gardening blog where any impressionable internet weirdo could have copied them.  A derivative hedge?  I’d rather die.   

So humour me, internet wierdos, with a little intellectual exercise – see if you can read this piece as written not by me, but by a hypothetical gardener, a construct who exists nowhere but in this post and who spent all last week planting hedges.

 While I was planting these hypothetical hedges in North London, some miles to the South on a bank of the Thames, herds of high-vis horticultural navvies were assembling  the annual Gardening Godhead at Chelsea.  Last year I was…

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