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I know its possibly completely the wrong time to go cutting rose tree’s, tree’s & shrubs back.

But I also know it has to be done some time and as I don’t ordinarily get the spare time and apparently it had to be done today.

Well that’s what I was told when I finished work and got home.

I’d started drinking my much needed steaming mug of coffee, the first of many I was planning, with maybe even a digestive biscuit to dunk, if I was lucky.

Not a chance, instead I had secateurs thrust in to my hand.

So off I went into the garden with secateurs, in one hand and my coffee in the other.

The first one that had to come down was this huge climber that hadn’t been cut back for at-least 7 or 8yrs. It has a beautiful deep red flower.

Now don’t get me wrong I didn’t just reach for the chainsaw and start hacking willy-nilly, I did try and keep it reasonably big. Just removing what looked dead or at least very old and grey.

When I left she looked somewhat smaller but I could at least see more of her beautiful blooms. Although it does
Have black spots on her leaves and I’m not sure what to do about it.

So I think Ill have to drag out Dr Hessayon’s, rose expert unless any one in the blogosphere has a solution.

Then while I started trimming back this unknown bush, we found this beautiful deep pink rose, peeping out from underneath.

That had been hidden away under thick green foliage for all this time.

So with the sun starting to set it was time to move onto the big one, the elderflower, I’d been dreading chopping in to.

I know they want it chopping down later in the season.

Well my mum does, they didn’t plant it in the first place, a passing bird did.

It blocks all the light out of their kitchen.

And in the autumn all the berries drop and smear the path with dark blood red tear’s.

At the moment it looks quite beautiful covered thickly in tiny white bloom’s.
But while it looks beautiful, the kitchen is dark and dingy.

So out came the pruning saw but where to begin.

I was in a quandary, and while I was trying to make my decision surprisingly enough for england it started raining so the elderflower has had a reprieve, at least for today…

Now I just have to hit the books and find out how to deal with the black spot on the roses and they best way to trim the elderflower.

Love & light

Andy x