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I’ve realised as I get older doing things that I never really appreciated when I was young, have become far more attractive.

Gardening is perhaps the most surprising, most of my life gardening has been associated with hard-work, calluses and sore backs.

However over the last few years, I’ve begun to take more notice of the landscape around me. Finding the true beauty in nature even gaining pleasure in the idea of creating that paradise with my own hand’s.

Currently I’m working on my parents garden, I don’t have one so I’ve got to start somewhere.

Its not a huge space just your standard large patch of grass with borders around the edges, the was a huge hump in the middle were an abortive attempt to dig in a pond/water feature once occurred, and a sand stone patio I laid about two years ago sits forlornly, under a seldom used garden table.

As I said its definitely a work in progress after to two skips of twigs, branches and assorted foliage, we can once again see the wood for the tree’s.
And the delicious scented roses underneath. That my dad first planted about twenty years ago, when my family first moved in.

The grass is now a manageable level and the bare patches are starting to re-grow slowly but the tiny green shoots of grass are just visible sprouting among the fine seed.

They don’t have a dog now and are looking for a nice soft easy to maintain lawn, so we’ve opted for a fine grass seed without rye.

Not so hard wearing, but a beautiful emerald green colour and seems to take fairly easily, I just wish my own thatch was quite so easy to re-grow…

The rose arch over the gate looks to be in a parlous state, the first opportunity I get, I need to secure it to the wall again and trim back the climber which knocked it for six last time round. Sending it crashing to the floor just missing my mums newest stray cat which calls to eat, socialise and generally irritate her other feline guest’s.

So now I’m going to sit in the wooden arbour and just contemplate a future vision for their garden.

It doesn’t require much, maybe just widening the beds, and adding some curves to update the straight lines and give a more naturalistic feel.

And there has been talk of my mum wanting a raised bed under the window, and a water feature dropped in to the bed next to the patio.

A wonderfully natural slate or sand stone feature. Would be my first choice but only time will tell.

We do have tonne bags of soil, bark mulch and yet more bags of grass seed wending there way, ready to be spread copiously around the beds.

Most other thing regarding the garden have been firmly put on hold, until we have a plan or at-least an idea of who, what, were and how big.

So in the meantime I’m going to just sit here, sketch pad in hand and just enjoy the sun on my face, the wind in my hair and watch the birds live their live’s, hopping round eating my precious seed’s.

I might even treat my-self to a glass of chilled wine while I make the most of this gorgeous summer evening and make plans.

Soon as I have a plan, I’ll let you know, and maybe you can tell me what you think…

Love & light.

Andy x