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a small treat on a hot day

a small treat on a hot day

I’m beginning to think that the biggest part of my life is spent in one coffee shop or another.

But they really are a treasure trove of inspiration, from the stolen snatches of other peoples conversation, to the young couple in the corner who are so in love it flow’s out in their body language.

Or like me today you can just savour the air con, sipping an iced coffee, while the world rushes by on the outside.

From were I’m sitting not only can I see the deserted plot of land that was the supermarket I worked in, now long gone and nothing but a few bits of rubble and weed’s.

I can watch people walking by, living their lives and just imagine their life stories. The guy in the long jacket is a real life James bond, MI5 super spy. The woman on her phone waiting for the bus has just won the lottery, and is at this moment making a deal with hollywood. To turn her un-written life story in to a block buster movie.

The small girl on the crossing has just found out that she’s been cast in the latest movie about young wizard’s and this time next year she’ll be as famous as Harry Potter.

And me well. I’m just making the most of my day off and giving myself a small treat, and letting the world carry on without me…

Love & light

Andy x