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A huge thank you, to all of you wonderful people who read my blogs, and send such great messages.

I really do appreciate it and I will reply to you all.

Today’s blog marks a bit of a goal, I’ve been able to produce 30 blogs in 30 days.

Now its not a huge goal I know, but its a tiny achievement. Its a goal that my friend, drinking buddy and partner in crime set me back at the beginning of the year.

Sadly I tried but gallantly failed in my first attempt but now I’ve succeeded, with the help and encouragement of many people, all the wonderful people in the blog-sphere and of course L. Who inspires most of the things I do.

The thing is though now I’ve done it, I know I can write something fresh everyday, my fear of creating something new has gone.

I feel like a huge weight has lifted off my shoulder’s the burden of writers block is no longer there. I’ve been able to break through the big 30. And all it took was 30 days and a shed load of encouragement from every one who reads my blog, you’ve all helped me to achieve my little goal. So now onward & upwards with your help.

Love & light

Andy x