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One of the most seemingly impossible task’s I’ve been given.
To grow my hypnotherapy practise it to build the brand…

When my friend and mentor suggested it, I did a double take Walt Disney would be proud of.

What brand? I asked choking on my cuppa.

His very simple and baffling reply was You, I let this sink in while I spent a moment scratchIng my head, “Me I’m not a brand, just the trainee hypnotist, who’s now trained. I’m not a brand Coke is a brand. I’m just me.”

So little me has now become a brand, no unfortunately not as the trainee hypnotist but as Andrew Hill, clinical hypnotherapist ghr, cue fanfare.

Now freshly minted and hot off the press is the website. http://www.andrewhillhypnotist.com

I have to admit that like everything else I’m attempting to do to launch myself in to the heady heights of hypnotherapy stardom, its a constant work in progress, like the rest of my life.

Every-time I look at it there is always something I see that really needs to be added, taken away or just generally done better.

And unfortunately because I have the ambition of the over enthusiastic I now have four blogs to write.

No don’t worry they won’t all be about me, I’m not that cruel. But all this talk of building the brand did get me wondering how?

How do I go from being me to the next big thing, without trying to sing at Simon Cowell, I’ve already said I’m not that cruel.

Its just a good job, I love writing
So far I’m part of the blogosphere, I’m on facebook and i tweet with the best of them, but short of marrying a footballer or flashing my boxer’s while leaving a club at 3am, (believe me that photo is out there some where but you really wouldn’t want to see it)
What do I do to become a brand…

Love & light

Andy x