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billions of conversations at the press of a button.

billions of conversations at the press of a button.

I’ve spent enough time in the blogosphere to know that I don’t know that much about it, other than what I know about my subject, and on that I’ve only really scratched the surface. I’m discovering thing’s I don’t know every day, I’m a hypnotherapist.

I also know that us brits abroad tend to have a bad reputation for not knowing the language, and if they speak loudly and slowly enough every one can understand.

Personally I hate that, if I don’t know the language, how can I ask were I am or more importantly order beer.

So now I’ve decided to learn some more about my wonderful adopted world called the blogosphere, so at least if nothing else I won’t get so lost and be scrabbling around for inspiration. (Though unfortunately I still can’t order beer. )

Well at least that’s the plan. But I’m a writer with a lifetime of finding inspiration in the strangest place’s.
Writing it all down carefully on the first scrap of paper or bus ticket I can find.

Only to find myself wondering what that great idea I had was, as I fish pieces of damp shredded paper and bus ticket’s out of the washing machine at some later date.

So now I have a guide book to the blogosphere, the virtual world that I call home to my many and varied projects.

The idiots guide to blogging…

Its about blogging – result
Its an idiots guide – in theory even I should be able to understand it, I hope. Result

Its big and yellow so not much chance of me sticking it in the wash, although I still stand a huge chance of leaving it on a bus. nb that’s only happened once and it was the dummies guide to bass playing.

So here I am sat in yet another coffee shop, with a huge yellow book proudly proclaiming I’m a dummy, to all around actually make that a dummy with a blog.

Page by page, piece by piece I’m starting to build up a big picture of the place, in my mind I can visualise billions upon billions of blogs, each one special and individual.

Each one the voice of someone I have still to meet. And I’m excited that there’s all these people out there and I can meet them with just a click of a mouse.

That is such a wonderful thought, at any one time you can put on a computer and share the opinion of millions and billions of other people.

Not only that but you can start a conversation with any number of those billions of people at any time.

And if just a few of the people out here in the blogosphere share the same opinion.

Then how good could that be?

World debt or hunger could be solved, peace could be found in the middle east any number of goals could be achieved and all you had to do was switch on your computer and share your opinion.

I know it sounds like a utopian dream, and yeah maybe it is. But what a dream?

Love & light

Andy x