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I used to smoke, I used to smoke a lot…

If you’d have opened me up and taken a squint at my lungs they’d have looked like smoked meat,with thick black tar dripping from every surface.

I’d wake up with a wonderful deep, hacking smokers cough and light up, giving myself a hit of tar and nicotine.

My head would spin, my throat would dry out and I’d feel awful.
Even after the first hit made me feel so bad I’d then go onto smoke another 59, I was paying good money to feel like s#”! Value or what.

But I am pleased to be able to say that I gave up smoking three and a half years ago, and there but for the grace of god I haven’t had another smoke since, even though I’ve been sorely tempted.

At the time I had an interest in hypnotherapy but I didn’t use hypnosis to quit,

I went cold turkey, or maybe smoked turkey would be more appropriate. I had my own reason’s to quit. Mainly the thought that maybe I’d like to see my next birthday, and I would like to keep all my limbs.

Not a pleasant thing to consider I know but if your a smoker one of the realities is that if those little cancer sticks don’t kill you, they could lead to you loosing limbs.

I vividly remember my last smoke, it was january/15/2009, 22:45 and I was stood outside of my local in a near blizzard, up to my knees in a snow drift.

The snow was deep on the ground with more hanging in the clouds.

Tiny icicles, hung glistening in the moonlight on the branches of the tree’s opposite the pub.

Even with the knowledge that I had heart failure, I was still there sucking on a cancer stick, trying to pull any warmth from the cigarette in to my body.

Then like some crazy mental billboard, in my mind I saw the words “What the hell are you doing?” Written in the ether in huge illuminated letters and I didn’t have an answer.

I couldn’t even truthfully say that I enjoyed smoking.

How could I, they taste repulsive, make you smell, and you become a social outcast, like a junkie hanging out on street corners getting your fix.

Looking back I wish I had,used hypnosis. My split with cigarettes, was long, painful and acrimonious.

Hypnosis, can help you by allowing you to focus on why you want to give up smoking, its pointless trying to focus on the illnesses, and that tobacco can kill, because we know that already.

Smokers know the risk’s but we still smoke and yet were still get bombarded with the message.


We know, were not stupid, were just smokers.

So hypnotherapy can allow you to focus on all the reasons you may not normally consider, the reasons that are specific to the individual and believe me, they’re many, varied and different for each person.

Hypnosis can help you focus on the reasons specific for you.

So a good therapist will taylor the session to the individual, finding out their reasons for quitting.

And then feeding it back to the sub-conscious in a way it can understand and absorb.
The more the subconscious can absorb the higher the success rate of the individual.

I can say from personal experience that smoking is difficult to quit, but not impossible.
Hypnotherapy can improve your chances.

With quitting smoking as in life there are no guarantees but when your life could depend on giving up cigarettes, anything that can improve your chances is worth a go…