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One of the first things I learnt about hypnotherapy, after Paul Mc’Kenna’s stage show work was about the Virtual Gastric Band,

There are various systems hypnotherapist’s can use to help you to take control of your life and become the size and shape that you want to be.

The Virtual Gastric band was originated by the Sharran’s in Spain in I think 2009.

However the system that I have been trained in and use with all my clients.
Is the system devised by Sheila Granger in 2010, since then she has perfected the system and used it to great effect.

Sheila’s system consists of four hypnotherapy sessions, with each session building on the foundation of the first.

Along with the four. Sessions you receive two CD’s the first one you receive after the initial session is a support cd to listen to every day for the four week period and any time in the future. The 2nd cd is a more personalised cd, tailored to the client.

I also give my clients a copy of Sheila’s Virtual Gastric Band Workbook. because originally I used to loan my clients a copy, they all found it an incredibly useful addition to the system and never gave it back, so now I just give a copy with every starter pack.

As I tell all my clients the program is just a beginning, the initial four weeks gives you the time and experience to become a specialist in your body.
Knowing all the signals that you’re receiving from your stomach, telling you when you have eaten enough.

The signals we all have, but as we get older we start to ignore these signals.

Allowing us to eat more than we actually need, the problem is all the extra has to go somewhere.

So it gets stored up as fat and fluid sludge, our body keeps it for a future period when food may be short.

Living in a western country however, a lack of food is never really going to problem, with the industrialisation of agriculture, and the ability to pick, pack and transport food stuffs all around the world in the time it takes to send a 2nd class letter from Land’s end to John o groat’s, at about the same cost.

Food is more available than ever, its all around us, in greater variety.

So sometimes we all need a little help and the Virtual gastric band system does just that, from personal experience Sheila’s system has helped reduce my weight by just over two stone.

I know that I have a little way to go, but I know that given a little while longer I’ll hit my target weight, without dieting, depriving my self of my favourite food or stressing about what I’m going to eat next.

Unlike diets you’re no longer focused on foods, you don’t have to count calories or points depending on the diet your on there’s no such thing as right or wrong food. All food is good in moderation.
And that’s just what the VGB provides you with, the ability to moderate your food intake in a natural healthy way.

So if you interested in finding out more about, Sheila’s VGB system as a client or maybe undergoing training to be VGB practitioner or as a clinical hypnotherapist, maybe you would like to find out more either way, check out the links on the side of the page.

At the time of writing her system is the only virtual gastric band system to be undergoing, clinical trials in the uk with the Hull and East Yorkshire primary care trust, it looks like all the hard work Sheila has put in has started to really pay off.

Any more news an Ill, let you know.

Love & light

Andy Hill x