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One of the most wonderful things I find about hypnotherapy, is self hypnosis.

It allows you the chance to just completely switch off from the world for five or ten minutes.
Giving you the chance to blow off all those stresses that build up during your working day.

Need to come up with a fantastic Idea, or produce an award winning presentation for work, or maybe you just want to be able to come up with a new business idea try self hypnosis.

Maybe you would love to create that one in a million line that could win you the woman/man of your dreams, try self hypnosis.

Or if you’re creative it could allow you mental space and time to, create that new piece of artwork or write that novel.

Just giving yourself the time to ponder the issue without stressing, can allow you so much more than you ever thought possible.

While your in hypnosis your more internalised so your focus will be much sharper and more precise.

Giving you the advantage of being in the zone.

We’ve all been in the zone from time to time, its that space in our life where everything goes just how we’d like it to.
Your professional and personal life are going well.

Everything you touch turns to gold, your levels of creativity grow, your energy, and desire may grow.

That’s being in the ZONE.

But wait there’s more, if you try self hypnosis today, you even get relaxation.

That’s right folks, Relaxation and mental tranquillity.

Even better Its completely free, yep that’s right 100% FREE. So don’t delay get your self hypnosis today and you can be in the Zone.

Stocks aren’t limited, and you can have as much self hypnosis as you like.

Now Ok I know that its sounds like a glib info-mercial, and I really have nothing to sell. I just thought it sounded funny.

The thing is self hypnosis can give you all of the above, self hypnosis picked me up when I’d been out of work for two years, and didn’t think I’d get another job, it helped build my confidence and most importantly it gave me the opportunity to decide what I really wanted to do with my life so I apologise if I seem to be preaching.

Now like I say there are many books and cd’s available to help you discover the gift of self hypnosis and I’m sure they are all fantastic. But if your new to hypnotherapy and hypnosis.

I’d really recommend looking for your nearest certified hypnotherapist and discussing it with them.

They can take you down to a wonderful deep hypnotic state, and while your there, they can train you how to take yourself back to this level when ever you want.

Imagine how good that wood be, being able to put yourself in to hypnosis without cd’s, book’s or head phones and wires.

Just you sitting comfortably, relaxing and knowing that you can be your own hypnotist.

Self hypnosis is just like a muscle or any skill you learn the more you use it the better it becomes.

And so many people in the past have used it to great effect, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison and Sir Winston Churchil to name.

And like I say if all of that information isn’t enough to get you champing at the bit.

What you got to loose, its free.

Love & light

Andy x


Beautiful stranger update, I’m still madly in love with L, my beautiful stranger, out in Canada even though I’ve still to meet her we message every day. I’m only a hypnotherapist and cannot see the future.
I know what I hope the future has in-store. Only time will tell 😉

For L, The first time I ever saw your face, Stereophonics