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Hi friends, and thank you for coming to my blog,

Yesterday I wrote about who can be hypnotised, and it got me thinking about the questions people have asked me about hypnosis since I started training.

The second question they usually ask when I’ve finally got them to look me in the face, is what can hypnosis be used for or wiifm, “what’s in it for me”

Hypnosis can be used for so many wonderful things.

The thing that most people imagine when you talk about hypnosis, is stage hypnosis.

We’ve all seen or heard about stage hypnosis, I’ve been a jelly on stage and had a whale of a time.

But some do tend to have a bad image. I honestly don’t know why I’ve taken part and loved it but each to their own.

Then there’s the side of hypnotherapy that I’m in. Which is clinical hypnotherapy.

It seems a shame but to most people hypnotherapy is the last resort, and yet it can help with so many issues. My own speciality is the virtual gastric band. (I was trained by Sheila Granger)

Smoking cessation, help with phobias, IBS, they can all be helped with hypnotherapy.

In the sporting arena, hypnosis can be used to great effect helping you to focus on performing each session at your personal best. Allowing you to release negative thoughts, and re-focusing on getting your game back on track getting yourself re-focused on, Performing at your personal best just allowing you to just blow any negativity away, allowing you to give 100% to your performance.
The same hypnotic techniques, can also be used by dancers, actors and other performers to give their best performance every time.

In short it may be easier to say what hypnotherapy, can’t help with.

I would never say that any therapy or treatment is a viable alternative to medicine it isn’t, but it can be a wonderful complementary therapy, that can if given the opportunity work so well with modern medicine.

Which I think is why so many medical professional’s have studied the art of hypnotherapy.

If you have an issue then my first advice is to always speak to a qualified medical practitioner for advice.