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One of the first things people ask me after the find out I’m a hypnotist, and they do their best to avoid looking me in the eye’s.

Is what is Hypnosis & who can be hypnotised.

There isn’t one fixed definition there are dozens, I’ve got many great hypnotherapy books and in each one there is a different definition.

But I think my favourite is that its a perfectly natural state of mind, that we slip into every day, more than we are ever guided in to it.

And any living human being can be hypnotised, I like to think of it as guided meditation.

Some of you out there in the blogo-sphere will have already have enjoyed the experience of hypnosis, others will still be waiting to dip their toe in the water of hypnosis and may be slightly nervous.

We’ve all seen the movies and heard the stories of the stage hypnotist, getting people to do weird and wonderful things. (I have to admit that in the past I have been a jelly on a spin dryer, and a victorian head teacher with a penchant for canes) but then I do like been on stage entertaining people so I was easy prey. (And I didn’t cane anyone, but I promised many, with apparently good result).

The thing about hypnotherapy, is that even though your relaxed and look totally out of it.
Your still conscious, just more focused on other things, more internalised

You can still hear everything that’s going on around you but you only focus on what’s important to you.
Under hypnosis, you cannot be made to do anything that you wouldn’t normally do.

The only advise I could really give to somebody who has never been hypnotised is, give it a try you might find you’ll like it.

Love & light

Andy x