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ahhh precious, one day precious will be mine, all mine

ahhh precious, one day precious will be mine, all mine

A huge hello to all my friends out there in the blogo-sphere.

The podcast is definitely still a work in progress, creating it has given me a whole new respect for so many creative types. Talk radio host’s, sound engineer’s, producers the list is long and dignified.

I can honestly say that when I first pondered the idea of dipping a toe in to the waters of pod casting, I may have thought it would be far easier than it is.

I made the huge mistake of assuming I had everything I needed to be successful, and materially I do.

What I now realise I lacked was the necessary skills to pull it all together.

So as I sat down bursting with the confidence of the over enthusiastic in front of the mike.

I started, well I opened my mouth and my mind went blank what the hell was I gonna say.

Here I was with several hundred pounds of recording equipment and a fairly decent laptop about to fulfil another ambition of a lifetime.

To be the host of my very own radio show, even if it was on the internet.

Thoughts of a glittering career in broadcasting swam around my head, in my mind I rehearsed the speech I was going to make when I was sure to pick up the first of my many sony awards.

Errrrrrr, my voice slithered in to the microphone, hmmmm Hi this is my blog and I’m me…
No that wasn’t going to make me the next Howard Stern or James whale, so again I tried.

Hi and what the f#”k you doin listening to this s”#*,I’m not Howard Stern and never want to be. Then it hit me as I sat there baffled by my speechless-ness, so out came the pen and paper and the idiots guide, and down came inspiration. I made a quick notes of the points I wanted to make.

Only then when I’d spent some more time in thought going through my list of inspiration and taking a quick look of the clock on the wall.

Ideally I wanted to create a show between 20 and 30 minutes.

I closed my eyes, and started to count my self down into self hypnosis, I wanted to borrow from the one man on radio I’ve always listened to.
The legend that is Mr James Whale, so I took my self back remembering bits from his tv/radio shows.

Borrowing his confidence and style, unlike the few times I’ve done some dj’ing I don’t have music to fall back on.

Just me a microphone and then let my ideas pour out in to cyber-space. I let the minute hand fly round the clock face and set record, Hi I’m Andrew Hill. and I’d like to take you on a journey into my hypnotic dream’s.

While I talked it felt like I raced through my script and yet the second hand seemed to hardly move.
Just what I needed my wall clock to break right now, just when I needed.

I’d got over half way through when I realised, my clock wasn’t broken.
I just severely lacked material, I completely under-estimated my gig so like all the best stand up’s it was time to wing it. I tried a few gags but realised it wasn’t going to work, they completely altered the style of the piece.

After what seemed like an eternity but my clock told me it was more like fifteen minutes, I had to stop the recording, half my show was in the bag.

That was one hell of a disappointment, it had taken up all the material I had planned.

So I hit play…

Wow, have you ever listened to the sound of your own voice, I sound like a nutter and never realised it, if the ground could have opened up and sucked me in, I would have been all for it.

I already had the introductory music selected, really I wanted to used the theme tune from midnight caller.
But I imagine I’d find my self with a bill the size of a phone number or a writ of law if I tried.

So I have this wonderful, piece of hypnotic music, completely license free result so on it goes. It starts off quiet, and fades out in to the intro and stays quietly in the background during the cast. Only to fade in again at the end.

But still it wasn’t right something didn’t quite seem to do it for me the content was there, it had humour, pathos as I say, you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, it’ll change your life that’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it.

So next week, I’m going to get a stereo microphone just to see if I can get the sound in my mind out into the net.

Either way friends you’ll be the first ones to know.

Love & light

Andy x