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Today started off quite warm and wet, I’m sat in an arbour here in the garden. Blogging on my phone in the drizzle, completely loved up, and for once I don’t mean Lotte.

I’m just thinking back to the time I spent working in the landscape garden industry, as a budding landscaper.

The feeling’s of looking over a completed project that you had a part in, knowing that when work started it was a dark, bare patch of earth, exposed soil and a few weed’s.
But the finished product is a culmination, of many peoples vision.
The vision of the owner.
The vision and creativity of the designer and finally the landscapers and plants-men.
All play their part in bringing that vision to life.

I’ve always found been outside in nature inspires me, it free’s my mind and allows me to expand my mental horizons.

I find gardens particularly inspiring, as try and work out the ethos of the design, what went through the mind of the gardener/designer as they were creating their own vision of eden.

Today I’m sat in my parents garden looking at the work that we’ve done and planning the work we still have to do, to create their vision.

In my mind I can see a future picture, of what we wish to create, a small piece of the Mediterranean in Essex.

With maybe just a hint of the Versailles rose garden’s thrown in for good measure.

As I sit here in a light mist listening to the bee’s hovering from flower to flower, going about their daily life and watching the cats sitting in the kitchen watching me through the french windows, with that slightly quizzical look that let’s you know if they could talk, they’d be ripping the p#”s out of you for sitting there getting wet.

And in my mind I can see a vision of the garden going forward in time and with each frame, something else has been done building up in to the final vision of the completed project.
Allowing me to take that vision and get it down in my sketch book.

But I just know that if I hadn’t been outside among the bee’s and the flowers on a typical drizzle filled day, the vision of what we wanted wouldn’t have come to mind, the inspiration wouldn’t have struck…

Love & light

Andy x