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So far this week, every where I go, I seem to be running into news stories about zombie cannibals running around the US. It started with the naked guy eating, face on the on ramp of a free way. if that weren’t enough to float your boat there was a freak in Canada, who ripped open his own stomach and started throwing guts at the police who were chasing him. Followed by the psycho with a taste for hearts, I just wonder if he had a fine chianti and fava beans with that then if that craziness wasn’t enough to completely turn your stomach. today I read about the Canadian porn star who’s done a runner, after sending a foot through the post and eating slivers of his victim, after his male friend disappeared. Maybe it’s something were putting in the water, maybe something we should be putting in the water I don’t know but we do seem to be growing a bumper crop of nuts in 2012. The one thing I have to say, is that at least the American legal system will deal with them in the only way they deserve in england they would get to spend the rest of their lives sitting in a cell, writing their auto-biography and playing on the x box, blocking up the legal system with frivolous claims about their lack of human rights.

Costing the tax payer upwards of £45,000 per year, before they launched a single appeal. I know its a tragic thought but it does make me wonder how much we could save if instead of keeping all the rapist, murderers and paedophiles, tucked up safely in a cell just how much tax money could we save if we adopted the death penalty.

Instead of worrying about their human rights and keeping them healthy, safe and entertained which all adds up to the expense.

We could just put them to sleep, like we would do with a sick animal. Don’t pass go, don’t collect £200 just straight in and straight out.
I’m not saying this would apply in every case because I know there will always be cases that would always be an accident.

But sometime’s you just know that however much you spend rehabilitating one of these freaks, you won’t ever be able to guarantee they won’t re-offend.

I’m aware that not every one reading this will, agree with me, and I’d be shocked if they did but maybe some body will, and maybe some body who knows all the ins and outs of the legal system could actually show some light on what the hell is going on.

Failing that maybe we do just need Buffy the vampire slayer to sort it all out.

Personally if I meet any zombies, I’m hoping they’ll be of the burlesque variety…

Love & light

Andy x