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If there’s one thing that everyone has in common, its that sometimes we all trouble getting to sleep.

I’m one of those people who border on manic insomnia, some nights I can spend so much time worrying about getting to sleep I just wind myself up, beyond the point of no return.

You name it in the past I’ve tried it, reading, warm milk, exercise before bed (no titter ye not) and even sleeping tablets, they worked but I got a migraine so never again.

It wasn’t such a problem in my old life as a chef because the life demands a kind of manic energy and I could just channel it in to my craft, and if that didn’t work there was always a litre of vodka I could fall back on.

And when I was a delivery driver I worked seven nights a week, without a problem.
But now I my life has changed, even though I seem to be tired 24/7 I still quite often have a hard time getting to sleep at night, and I’m not sure I’d be able to build up any kind of through the night practice.

But when I was on my course my tutor Sheila Granger, gave me this new product that she was bringing out.
She thought I could do with it after a facebook status I wrote.

The hotel I was staying in had incredibly thin walls.
The first few night of my stay I had a pair of over active honey mooner’s, it was like trying to sleep on a cattle train with squealing spring’s and a vast assortment of moans and groans.

I didn’t even smoke any more so I couldn’t even have a cigarette afterwards.

I never actually met them but I’m pretty sure they were the duracell bunnies.

So the first day of my course when I crawled in with my eye lids held open with matches and sellotape.

When I walked in she gave me this package with a smile and laughingly told me how she’d caught my status.

Thought I could make use of this, the packaging said it was the Sheila Granger, Snooze buddy, it was a small, light head set with a charger, I admit I was definitely looking forward to trying my new buddy.

It looked cool and to be honest if it stopped me feeling like an extra in a blue movie I was all for it.

The day was a struggle even though I love the subject and Sheila is a great mentor, my eyes kept closing.

So I was more than happy to get back to spend some time looking at the back of my eyelids, and happily when I got back all was quiet next door, which was great while studying,

Seemingly though as soon as my light went out my neighbours started on yet another record breaking performance.

Out came my buddy, the little black buds were a great fit in my ears, and the whole unit is wonderfully light and really good looking.

On pressing the play button you get a brief introduction from Sheila (if you have never heard her before, she has a gorgeous voice). Sheila take’s you through a brief induction to help you to gently close your eyes and get comfortable.
Then the music starts and washes over you in the background as Sheila give you suggestions of peace and relaxation as you start to float away on waves of sound.

I certainly did it even took my mind of the x-rated performance going on in the next room so I was more than happy.
It is rather light and comfortable to wear and when your settled it’s quite easy to forget its on.

According to sheila it is designed so that just before your about to drop off you can reach up and just take it off, allowing you to naturally drop off.
Because of its construction and good quality you don’t have to worry about dropping it. I’ve had mine since early in the year and taken it on many trips with me. Including several rail journeys its been well used and slightly abused, but it sends me to sleep every time.
It really has become my best buddy.

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Maybe Sheila’s buddy could become your best buddy as well.

Love & light

Andy x