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A huge hello to everyone out there in the wonderful, wide blogosphere, hope your all well.
Once again I’m sat in my favourite coffee shop, day dreaming and just watching the world slide by the window.
I’m thinking about all the advice I’ve received that’s helped me in the last year or so and one of the best has been to keep a diary.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about the dear diary, today I went to Costa’s and drowned in coffee from the inside.

When I was younger I was never that great at Time management, I’m still not the best but at-least getting better.

Now when your a chef working, long hours that never seem to vary its hardly a problem the days just seem to meld into one another.

It became a problem when I started out on my own, without that structure to my life I’d become accustomed to. The I read how to do everything and be happy, by Peter jones (no not that Peter Jones).

And he had a whole chapter on keeping a diary, so briefly I flicked through, and it made a bit of sense, and well if it stopped me been late for appointments it was worth a shot, besides didn’t all the best people keep a diary.

How to keep a diary like a pro

Buy your diary! (Doesn’t matter how much it cost’s but at least a page a day, I now keep a desk diary, and transfer it to my blackberry once a week)

Think of all the things you have to fit in to your valuable time. Yes I said valuable were now working on entrepreneur time, remember the 80’s Time is money so true.
And before you think you don’t have that much on I do mean everything in your daily life, believe me it soon adds up…

Starting with you day job
Write down all your shifts when your working, when you start and when you finish.

Now all the other chores you do in a day do you have a school run, add that, twice a day, five days a week.

Any other chores that you do regularly, don’t worry I’m not talking about the really minute things, people accuse me of been a control freak but so far doing the washing up isn’t in my diary.

Ok Any appointments you have coming up, maybe the doctors or taking your kids to ther dentist or something, they all take up time in your day and can be so easily forgotten. So write them in, and you thought you wouldn’t have much to put in a diary, I imagine now its starting to look a little full.

Now all of the fun things in life that you know you have coming up in the future, whether its going to a wedding or the launching of your new super yacht (I can dream) write all that in.

But the great thing is now you know how much you really have going on in your life.
More importantly you can see, spaces in your daily life, you’ve made time to do other thing’s. You know fun stuff Now maybe your thinking about using that time to chill, or learn a new skill, or maybe even start your own business, maybe you want to build your own dream. The thing is now you can see when you can slot it in all those spaces, just pencil some in to building your future.

And you thought you wouldn’t be able to fill your diary…