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I thought it was maybe time for a bit of a change in my post, as well as the usual mix of rants about life, the universe an falling helplessly in love with L in canada, possibly the cutest Philippino woman in that fair land, I may be biased.

But also for anyone who’s subscribed or interested enough to visit a blog called the trainee hypnotist.
Your going to be looking for some thing about hypnotherapy.
So as-well as the usual rants & raves in each post I’m going to add a new section called.

A brief history of Hypnosis…

Now before we get any were its vital that we know where hypnosis comes from, the pioneers.
So first of all I’d like to introduce, Dr Franz Anton Mesmer.

Franz mesmer, was born in 1734, he studied medicine in vienna, which became his calling.
Sometime in the 1770, Mesmer had hysterical patient Francisca Oesterlin.
A friend of his wife, in his own words, she was suffering from constant vomiting, inflammation of the bowels among many other such painful maladies, Mesmer had read about the work that father maximillian hell had been doing, so to give his patient the best chance he ordered a set of magnets. In July 1774 he made francisca drink a beverage infused with iron, and then attached 3 magnets to her. One on her stomach, and one each on her legs.

Osterlin went into a crisis, and felt waves of energy passing through her body. And so this became the spark that ignited mesmer’s interest in all things hypnotic.

Tomorrow I’ll continue with the work of Dr Mesmer.