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A long time before I became a Hypnotherapist, when I was in network marketer.

One thing that my sponsor told me about was a thing she called a dream sheet, now me being me I listened and nodded my head but really couldn’t grasp how a piece of paper was supposed to help me improve my life.

It didn’t make sense to me how this could help me at all, it looked like a piece of art-work I may have been proud to have called mine when I was at primary school.
Just a big piece of paper with pictures glued on to it, to represent everything in life I wanted to achieve, or the thing’s or even the people I wanted in my life. And for the life of me I couldn’t think why it would make a difference, so for a long time I forgot about the advice and went on my way without it, and if it hadn’t of been for a combination of Rona & Sheila explaining the theory and the psychological principle’s behind it.

And well if so many people put such great faith in it, then what the hell it must be worth a go, why not.

The theory behind it how I understand is one of the laws of suggestion.

Concentrated focus of attention, or you get more of what you have.
If you focus on the things in life that make you rich (That doesn’t have to mean material riches)

How do I do it?

Easy and fun, go to town all the good thing in life that you want. Go out there and find photo’s.
It could be a house, a Lamborghini, a huge stack of cash, million dollar les paul guitar, or in my case a photo of L.

Anything in life that you want or just don’t feel your complete without just find a picture.

Now comes the fun part, I’ve never been that artistic so I just cut and paste mine, but you can really go to town.
Get a Big sheet of paper as big as your dreams can be, as big as you want.

Take all these wonderful images of everything you desperately want in your life and pick up your glue-stick find the most important ones the ones you desire the most and start glue-ing, most of the people I’ve talked too and now there has been many about vision boards, they all do them in different ways and give them different names.

At-least two of the people who seem to have the most success in their life and both swear by vision boards.

Start in the top left corner with what they really desire the most and then just work their way across from the top left corner to the bottom right corner.

Just make your sheet how you want it, everything in life you want put it on.
Now I have to admit that I’ve only had one since september 2011, and it got many and varied images and now in the top left is a photo of L.
But that hasn’t been on there that long.
Some of the things on there have already started to materialise as for L, well I’ll just have to wait, but she really would be living proof.

Till then I have got this gorgeous photo of her on my wall, so I’m a winner either way…

Love & light.

Andy x