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Ok I know, that’s possibly quite a dull sounding title, but I do believe that I fell in to hypnotherapy for a reason.

Now please don’t get me wrong I’m not religious and about to start giving you a sermon, but I have to admit that the older I get the more I think that some of the things that happen, and many of the people we meet are almost fated.

I’m not saying that everything in our lives is lumped on us for a reason or that its something we deserve, or that really it is all planned out ahead of time.

Because that completely dismisses bad luck and chance besides it would allow idiots, crooks and politician’s to get away with murder, more than they already do.

When ever something went disastrously wrong it would be an instant get out of jail free card. Well we couldn’t avoid the sale of the nhs it was fated. And to be honest some people already get away with far more than they should.

But I do honestly believe sometime’s life doesn’t give you a choice in the matter, obviously your family is the first on the list.
Then as you go through life you meet people and if your lucky some of those people you just know that now you’ve met them they just have to be kept in your life.
And your life would be poorer if they weren’t around.
The more time I talk to L, the more I feel she’s one of these people who I just have to have in my life, I imagine some people would say she’s my soul-mate the missing part of me that makes me complete, I don’t know. But it feels right, right girl, right time but only time will tell.

Then as you get older and you plan your future or in my case (sit in class drawing guitars, boat’s and jessica rabbit) never did understand the last one any psychiatrists out there would have a field day.
Some people plan their future, they dream of their ideal job, maybe from the age of twelve or thirteen all the way through school.

They dream and plan what qualifications they need. What they have to do to get there, they put in all the study, get all the grades, and still very few of us end up fulfilling the dream.

Generally life takes a turn, but something interfere’s with the plan. It does make me wonder if most of us have a calling, a career path we need to follow.
To really lead a happy, fulfilled life, I know that although I loved been a chef, there was always something missing, whereas with hypnotherapy I truly believe I’ve finally found my calling.

I know that there are still pieces of my life that are slowly sliding in to place.
The right people are becoming part of my life and the right opportunities are become clear. Now maybe they were there before and I was blind or maybe it just wasn’t the right time.

It all seems to be coming together now and at the right time, and who know maybe I’ve even found the right girl this time…

Love & light

Andy x