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While I sit in the air-conditioned luxury of my local coffee shop, making the most of the last day of my holiday from the day job.
Sipping a tall iced latte and watching the world go past the window.

It has given me a moment to reflect on my life, or to be precise my life since discovering a passion for the art oif hypnotherapy.

I’ve finished my training with Sheila G, so I guess that makes me a fully registered, fully paid up hypnotherapist, I know that there is still a lot to learn from all the great hypnotherapist’s around who are doing it every day, and I’ll always learn something new from my clients.

So in one respect my whole life is going to be a learning curve.

Slowly everything I need in my life is falling into place, my clients are getting results and their happy, and telling their friend’s so more people a finding out about what I do, more importantly more people are developing an interest in what its about, and what hypnotherapy can do.

Then there’s L the girl in the photograph, who I mentioned earlier (yes goddess out of 2000 people I did mean you) she knows who she is 🙂 x only time and air travel will tell. “Who know’s one day I’ll make the world’s first wordpress wedding proposal in a blog.

But what else has my love of hypnotherapy changed about me.
I’m certainly calmer than I was, and no longer jump to quite the same conclusions about people and events that I may have done in the past usually burying myself in misfortune.

But the. Biggest change that I can think of is I’m Happy, happier than I had been for a long time.

Ecstatic-ally happy to be doing something I love.
That’s always interesting and that allows me to meet so many wonderful, interesting people.

The only down side to loving what I do and having such a dream job is I keep expecting to wake up.

Love & light

Andy x

There are some many people I need to thank for being in the place I am now. But the main ones are my family for all their support, Sheila G, for been a great tutor and always on the end of a line if we need advice and Rhona Ifor been such a laugh, and a wonderful study buddy.
Really wouldn’t be writing this if it wasn’t for all of you…