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I’ve always loved comedy, even from a young age, inspired by sitting with my parents watching Morecambe and Wise, porridge or any of those sitcoms I sure we all endured growing up.

Then as I got older and spent evening’s with, my brother’s watching Friday night live (not the famous American version) and ott were Lenny henri took his tis-was role and made it more grown up. Too grown up for me too understand as a snotty eight year old, but nonetheless, I laughed and laughed then went into school the next day feeling sophisticated with my armoury of new gags, gone were the childish jokes that we understood.
Here was the future, supplied by Ben Elton (yes, the now famous writer of shows) and the future was the knob gag, although I’m pretty sure because this was the bbc in the 80’s it was actually called a willy gag…

Since then like most young men I fell into comedy, drinking deeply of monty python and a brief yet intense flirtation with Saturday night live. Seeing all the greats Steve martin, Richard pryor, Lenny bruce and of course the original blues brother Dan Ackroyd, I’d pray to any passing god that one of the four tv channels would have a half hour from the montreal comedy festival.

These were guys who could stand on a stage and kill the audience, just themselves a mic and a crowd. That’s all they needed, and they created gold, they had the audience eating out of their sweaty palms.

Like most people my love of stand-up settled down I’d watch the occasional show, when I could find the time, otherwise my job took over and my teen-aged ambition of been a stand-up ended firmly on the back burner of life.

I worked hard and became a chef and loved it, worked all the hours I could perfecting my craft, then as some may know I became Ill and retrained as a hypnotist, I became the trainee hypnotist.

I love hypnotherapy its filled a great space in my life, left over from been a chef, but its also made me re-consider what I’m doing, and what I’ve missed out on.

And one of the things that I know is missing in my life is Comedy, particularly stand-up, I’ve done open spots before, and although it has to be said that I was absolutely terrified, the thought of dying filled my mind every time I stood behind the mic, and looked out over a room full of people wanting entertainment. I loved it, my heart raced, my mind whirled and after the first two minutes when I got my first laugh, the whole ten minutes rushed by.

So now I find that not only have I fulfilled one ambition, I hope to try and fulfil another.

I may never gain world fame and fortune as a stand up, but at-least when I’m older and greyer I can look back over my life, and just maybe instead of seeing the thing I wanted to do, or the opportunities I missed.
I can look back happily and think.

I did that…

    So maybe my next blog should come from the trainee stand-up.

    Love & light

    Andy x