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I am the first to admit that I’ve always been useless at keeping a diary. I may get one in December, and make a resolution to keep it up to date.
And then by the 15th of january I’ve lost it or I’m using it to cure that wobbly table that I swear I’m going to get round to mending, when I get time.

And to be quite honest I’d never heard of a journal outside of movies featuring American teenagers, so as a 37 year old english man there really was very little chance of me keeping a journal.

That was until I read the monk who sold hid ferrari.
I have to say I’ve read many personal development / self help books in the past.
and with most I’ve got through about 40% before I’ve given up and thrown them at the wall, or used them to prop up the aforementioned wobbly table, or in one memorable occasion used it to line a cat litter tray.
I won’t mention the title as it was only personal opinion, other people who’ve read it and my cat found it most useful.

And for a while I had pretty much given up on self help, until I bought my Kindle. Now on the kindle as I imagine many of you know books are cheap and unlike having a physical book take up very little space so you can have hundred’s (Too easily as I have found out).

I digress, I saw this book which I know I had heard about before and it was a good price and unlike some pd books, this had a story.
And I could follow it, already I was on to a winner with this one. Now like all of these books some of the ideas inside work for you and others don’t or you just can’t get in to them.

But the one thing about this one that stood out was the chapter on journal-ing. Now as I said I was never going to be the Samuel pepys of the 21st century, but I love writing so thought, “what the hell” and went out and bought a very cheap wire bound note book from a local store and now I’m hooked, I love it.

I’m the first to admit that I can make a three toe’d sloth look hyper-active, and when I’ve been at work the last thing I want to do is start going back through my day and working out were I went wrong. (Someday’s the answer really is getting out of bed).

But since I started I now also notice all the good things more, all the thing that I may have taken for granted, the thing’s that make me rich.

Now don’t get me wrong I’m not talking monetary, I just mean spending time with my family and friends or stroking my cat. The time spent writing my blog or hypnotising people and now even the time spent journaling and just having this internal monologue with myself.

All just go to make me realise what a great life I have even though I don’t always notice it.
And when I go to sleep at night now I don’t find it to be such a strain because my mind is quiet, my thought are still. I no longer go to sleep with a constant stream of rush hour traffic flowing through my mind.

And the wonderful thing is just knowing that even with all of the technology, gadgets and computers that I couldn’t live my daily life without, the one thing that soothes my mind and calms my soul, is nothing more complex than a pen and paper…

Love & light

Andy x