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I can’t be the only person who starts a new project’s gets all excited, and storms out of the block’s. Only to find that after a short while something always get in the way.
I’m sure you’ve all been there, you’re going well, full steam ahead and then “Bang” head first in to a wall.

There never seems to be an explanation for it.
It could be business, life or family it’s usually only a tiny thing but just big enough to throw a spanner in the works, knocking you truly off course.
This is recently what happened with my fledgling hypnotherapy practice. Every thing seemed to be going so well.

All the girls who had lined up to have the virtual gastric band, to raise money for Colchester, Take heart.
Had gone through the whole four week program and were all doing incredibly well.

I’d been lucky enough to be asked by a friend to help with a phobia of dentist’s, and a few other people with smoking cessation, which provided me with immense fascination and a fresh challenge.

Everything was going great, and then the s”#t hits the fan.
The laptop that I’d spent week’s planning on backing-up got hit by the mother of all viruses. Losing the soundtracks for the support cd’s including all of the vocals I’d recorded.
Along with the total annihilation of my email accounts for both personal & business, and the loss of ninety percent of all of the work I’d spent years creating without backing up.

I’m grateful that the Cameo therapy website http://www.cameotherapy.com is hosted by vista, so nothing was lost although web design is definitely not my strong point and http://www.cameotherapy.com is a work in progress, however to say I could have kicked myself would have been an understatement, knowing the way it was all panning out, I’d have missed any way.

Thankfully I’m getting back on track, my laptop is all backed up and with nowhere to go.

I still have many hours of work replacing the vocals on the support cd’s.

I’m planning on starting work this week on my hypnotic dreams pod cast / Video blog while I’m on holiday from my day job.

Today the unknown trainee hypnotist, tomorrow the dizzy heights of vacuous celebrity.

Soon as I get my beautiful fresh content you’ll be the first to know.

Love & light

Andy x