Midnight Caller

So here I am sat in hypnotist towers, with limited time on my hands and while I’m sitting working on my site the theme tune from midnight caller starts playing on the radio.

Instantly I’m transported back to my much younger days when as an easily impressioned teenager and I remember the first time I saw the tv show, it was perfect.

The way smooth music on the opening credits, the wonderful nighttime shots of San Francisco, and Gary Cole as the night-hawk, surely I can’t be the only one who saw that and thought, yes that could be me, I could do that, I can talk the hind legs off a donkey I could be the night-hawk admittedly Essex is slightly different from San francisco, but I could still do it.

admittedly I didn’t but that was more because something else caught my eye and other thing’s became more important such as wine & women and I became a chef.

I didn’t follow my true calling until much later,  but now that I am on what I believe to be the right path for me it seems as though so many paths are opening up for me.

That old saying is so true that when one door closes another opens or in my current case about 20 have opened up all at the same time, talk about confusing, it’s partly down to me doing the Hypnotherapy cd and the blog. being able to meet so many fantastic people and finding out what they feel and actually starting to think, thank god I’m not the only one with that opinion, I’m not the only person who feels that people who are cruel to animals, and other people should be locked up for life, or that our world leaders would be unable to find their asses with both hand’s and a map.

And so armed with this knowledge that thankfully I’m not the only one I was mulling over the Idea of podcasting when the ever so smooth midnight caller theme filled the air and well thanks to the laws of suggestion and a mixer I’m starting on a podcast, I would love to be able to produce one as smooth a the night-hawk, or as humorous as the late great Kenny Everett, or even Mr James Whale but it will be my first attempt so please bear with me and if you have any advice or idea’s Id be incredibly grateful.

But at least I have a theme tune in mind.

So this is Andy the Trainee Hypnotist, on KJCM 98.3 and goodnight readers… wherever you are.

Ok I know that if your younger than me or have never seen Midnight caller you wont know what the hell that’s about, you’ll just have to look it up on Wikipedia…

Love & light

Andy x